Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another episode of “The MMA Report Preview Podcast” and they preview Saturday’s UFC 210 and Bellator 176.

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2 Responses


    Daniel Cormier is a good MMA fighter, but he is one arrogant, pompous prick. Just listen to his commentating and how always follows a compliment to a fighter in his weight class with a back handed put down of that same fighter. I have no idea why the media thinks he is this humble guy because he shows that he is just another arrogant pompous athlete who has no humility.


    Gegard Mousasi goes into free agency on a 5 fight winning streak with the caveat of just beating the number 4 ranked UFC Middleweight. Gegard Mousasi may not sign with Bellator, he certainly is going to use Bellator as leverage in his contract negotiations with the UFC. Go get your money Gegard Mousasi. Also in Bellator, he could walk right into a title fight, in the UFC, he would be about a year or more away from a title fight.