The MMA Insiders: May 30, 2017

The UFC recently brought a majority of their fighters to Las Vegas for an athlete retreat and was this a waste of money spent by the UFC? Sam Caplan and Jason Floyd discuss this topic on this episode of The MMA Insiders Podcast. They guys talk about the fallout from the athlete retreat and the comments made by Kajan Johnson about various hot topic fighter issues.

Also on this edition of the podcast, Sam and Jason talk about the comments made by Bellator President Scott Coker on ABC holding events in California, a memo sent to members of the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports by New Jersey, CM Punk’s feud with Johnny Bananas on MTV’s “The Challenge,” and they answer questions submitted by listeners on social media.

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2 Responses


    Jason Floyd, I disagree with you and Sam Caplan about the viability of the Women’s Featherweight across different organizations. Much like any sport, when it is in the fledgling stage and not paying much in regards to other established sports and careers, it is going to be a slow growth at first. But the payoff over time will be a benefit for the organizations and for the fighters because more fighters will eventually come about. Also I think it is a genius move by Bellator to book a Women’s Featherweight fight for a upcoming card with all the negative news concerning the UFC’s Women’s Featherweight division. If Cristiane Cyborg Justino ever does fight in Bellator, she would have some good matchups with the likes of Julia Budd, and Arlene Blencowe. And Blencowe will stand and bang with her. Also Cristiane Cyborg Justino would have matchups with Alexis Dufresne, and Roberta Paim, and possibly Talita Nogueira. There are plenty of fights to be made. And as a MMA fan, I rather see actual fights instead of listening to constant conjecture about fights. I think KSW is going to be a nice landing spot for Marcin Held.

    • Jason Floyd

      This is the question about women’s featherweight and Bellator, can it attract an audience to Spike? Bellator has been attempting to build the 145 pound division over the last two years and it does not appear that fans are “all-in” on the division. And it should be noted that the matchup added to the July 14 fight card is on the prelims, not the main card. As I have stated in the past, if you are getting into the women’s featherweight business, that means you are getting into the Cris Cyborg business. We will see how it plays out for her in the UFC, but if she does become available, I think the UFC will let her walk to Bellator.