Bellator NYC and UFC Fight Night 112 took place this weekend and both cards had some crazy finishes from Michael Chandler losing the Bellator lightweight title due to a lower leg injury and Kevin Lee scoring a submission victory against Michael Chiesa when no tap took place.

With both fight cards now in the books, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan recap the fight cards on this episode of The MMA Report Post Fight Podcast. The guys break down both events and give there takes on some of the biggest topics from these fights cards.

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3 Responses


    So Chael Sonnen, a white male MMA fighter, does nothing but wrestle against Wanderlei Silva, and Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan, who are both white males think he looked great and was exciting. Yet, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan, mention Cheick Kongo, who is a black Frenchman, who is a MMA fighter who mostly grapples, but he is boring. On the same UFC fight card, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan, who are white males, says Felice Herrig, who is a white blonde female, looked great, and Felice Herring basically grappled that entire fight. But on the same card, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan, felt that Carla Esparza, who is Hispanic, and grappled basically her entire fight was boring. Amazing how slanted two white males viewpoints were wrapped around the race of the fighters. That is like saying A BLACK ATHLETE HAS GOD GIVEN ABILITIES, BUT A WHITE ATHLETE IS A HARD WORKER AND A OVER ACHIEVER. Really disappointing in listening to your post fight podcasts.

    • Jason Floyd


      Let me start off first by stating that yes, I am white. However, I guess you are now aware that Daniel is hispanic. Now when it comes to your comments. Daniel and I did not say “Chael Sonnen look great and exciting.” Did we say that “Felice Herrig looked great and thought this was the best performance of her career?” Yes, we did say that. A grappling type fight can be exciting if the fighter is constantly looking for the finish, which is something we have said in the past. The color of a fighter skin has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with our observation of a fight. We call it like we see it.

      If I think a fight is boring or a fighting style that a promotion is not going to be a fan of, I will mention it. For example, we mentioned that on the post fight podcast for UFC Fight Night 111 that Colby Covington fighting style is not something that UFC is a fan of. Let’s look back at Jared Rosholt and how UFC handled him. We said on multiple post fight podcast that his fighting style is boring and after he lost, I stated that I would not be surprised if the UFC release him due to his style, which they did. If you do not like how Daniel and I break down fights, you do not have to listen. Have a nice day.

      • RODNEY P

        I won’t be. The narrative of your comments on the type of MMA fighters who have wrestling styles seem to fall under the black skin ones, Cheick Kongo, Tony Johnson, Bobby Lashley, and the Hispanic female Carla Esparza. But praise the white MMA fighters with a wrestling style, Chael Sonnen and Felice Herrig. Get upset all you want, it was you and Daniel Galvan’s narrative that lead it to be exactly that.