Brent Primus became the Bellator lightweight champion seven days ago at Bellator NYC as he defeated Michael Chandler via TKO (injury) and since the conclusion of the fight, many people in the mixed martial arts community have offered criticism about how Primus became the champion.

What does Primus (8-0) have to say to the critics of his victory over Chandler and when does he want to make his first title defense? Find out below as he chats with Jason Floyd about what happened last week at Bellator NYC and he also told Jason about the red suit he wore following the fight.

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  1. Kevin Nicholson

    Primus is correct on this. You can see Chandler lose his upward foot movement (dorsiflexion) soon after the first few kicks. Injuring the peroneal nerve by accidentally rolling the ankle would be very unusual. Same thing happened to Scott Jorgensen in his last UFC fight.