The MMA Report Podcast: Ryan Couture, Valerie Letourneau, Casey Kenney and Peter Barrett

Ryan Couture

Bellator MMA

It’s another jam packed episode of mixed martial arts discussion on this week’s podcast as Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan discuss multiple topics including Bellator’s deal with DAZN, Friday’s Bellator 201, and recap last weekend’s action.

Along with discussing those topics, Jason has four interviews with fighters that will have fights this week. The interviews start off with two fighters that will be on Friday’s Bellator 201 as Jason speaks with Ryan Couture and Valerie Letourneau. Couture previews his matchup against Saad Awad and Letourneau talks about her matchup against Kristina Williams.

Up next, Jason chats with Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series alum Casey Kenney about his fight on Friday’s LFA 44 against UFC veteran Roman Salazar. And in the final interview, Peter Barrett comes on the podcast to preview his main event fight on Saturday at Cage Titans 39 against Connor Barry.

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14 Responses

  1. combat sports fan

    How does Eddie Hearn get 1 billion over 8 years and Bellator only 100 million over 5 years?? I feel like Bellator is getting ripped off. They have bigger fights they can put on and better fighters. Hearn can’t even make Wilder vs Joshua. Netflix deal would’ve been way better or CBS.

    I wish Gaejthe vs Lee was happening. It’s a damn shame Lee turned the fight down.

    It’s BS Lesnar shouldn’t get a title shot. It doesn’t make any sense other than making huge money for everyone involved. UFC equals WWE…

  2. combat sports fan

    Bellator immediately wasted 1 million dollars on a stupid ass slogan with their 50 cent deal. That 100 million dollar deal with Dazn will be a huge waste of money and use. Think about the money they’ll be throwing at free agents. Millions of dollars just to spend it all. And it will most likely be a terrible investment. Instead they should use some of that money to buy ONE or ACB. Be smart and wait for some really big free agents.

    • Jason Floyd

      While ONE Championship and ACB are doing great things in the MMA industry, Bellator acquiring them would not be a huge step in narrowing the gap between them and the UFC in terms of popularity and name brand value.

  3. combat sports fan

    Bellator women’s flyweight division at one point had more than 25 women and now has only 18. They released some good fighters. Not just in the two women’s divisions but in every Bellator division they have some really BS releases. They also released a few women’s featherweight fighters and few bantamweight fighters . They need women’s featherweight and men’s bantamweight because those divisions are really weak. The three weakest divisions are women’s featherweight, men’s bantamweight, and maybe women’s flyweight or heavyweight. If Chandler leaves add lightweight to one of their weakest weight classes.

  4. combat sports fan

    Who’s more likely to sign with UFC, Chandler or MVP? Jones vs DC 3? Lesnar vs DC?Lesnar vs SM? Or Lesnar vs Jones? Which is most likely to happen next?

    • Jason Floyd

      – Who’s more likely to sign with UFC, Chandler or MVP? Chandler
      – Jones vs DC 3? Lesnar vs DC? Lesnar vs SM? Or Lesnar vs Jones? Which is most likely to happen next? Lesnar vs. Cormier or Miocic

  5. combat sports fan

    Two more days until NBA free agency! What are your free agency wish list for your favorite team?

  6. combat sports fan

    I think Dana will step down as the president of the UFC to focus on Zuffa boxing next year. If that happens who should take his place?

  7. combat sports fan

    I think Paul Daley will fight out his contract and return to the UFC. His manager has all of his fighters sign with UFC and PFL.

  8. combat sports fan

    PFL gives free tickets to everyone and their rating are terrible. They haven’t made a single penny. They are losing a ton of money. I think they should just give up and fold the company. In a few months or within a year they will go out of business. Ten million dollar thing was such a stupid idea.

  9. combat sports fan

    I think if PFL fills their cards with local ticket sellers and does some international fight cards. They can make some money.