The MMA Report Podcast: UFC 227 Recap and Sean Wheelock

MMA Report PodcastThis week on The MMA Report Podcast, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan take a look back at what happened this past weekend at UFC 227. Also, Jason has an in-depth conversation with MMA play-by-play announcer Sean Wheelock about his involvement in the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports MMA Rules and Regulations Committee.

At the beginning of the podcast, Jason recaps last week’s podcast with Mike Mazzulli and Andy Foster. Along with recapping what Mazzulli and Foster said last week, Jason talks about his perception on how regulators view weight cutting and what could be coming to MMA over the next year or so related to this topic.

Then the guys get into the title fights that took place at UFC 227. They start off by talking about Henry Cejudo shocking the MMA community with a split decision victory over Demetrious Johnson to become the second flyweight champion in UFC history. Jason and Daniel tell you how they scored the fight and while Cejudo may want a “super fight,” the fight to make is the trilogy bout between Cejudo and Johnson.

After their discussion on Johnson vs. Cejudo, they move on to the main event of UFC 227 which saw T.J. Dillashaw retain the UFC bantamweight title with a TKO win over Cody Garbrandt. Find out what Jason and Daniel thought about the game plan from Garbrandt and they debate on which fight makes the most sense for Dillashaw in his next fight.

Up next is a discussion on the fight booking for October 6 in Las Vegas between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. From the announcement of the fight to how this fight could play out, Jason and Daniel discuss various aspects of this fight booking. Then they move over to Bellator to discuss the bracket for the upcoming Bellator welterweight tournament. They tell you what surprised them about the bracket and the fights they are looking forward to seeing in the opening round.

Then it’s on to the feature guest of the week as you will hear the conversation Jason had with Sean Wheelock during the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports annual meeting in Orlando. During their hour long conversation, you will hear Sean explain how he got involved with the Kansas Athletic Commission and what the MMA Rules and Regulations Committee does for the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports.

Following the conversation with Wheelock, Jason and Daniel wrap up the podcast by discussing a question Sean asked Jason during their chat and the comments made by Darren Till at UFC 227. Thanks for listening to this week’s podcast and be sure to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on your favorite podcasting platform.

Thanks for listening to this week’s podcast and be sure to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.

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20 Responses

  1. combat sports fan

    Eddie Alvarez re sign with UFC? Back to Bellator? Rizin? ONE? Michael Chandler to sign with UFC real soon?

    Why doesn’t Bellator have 250 to 300 fighters on their roster instead of always releasing fighters.

    I got a solution to the anti trust lawsuit. They say to UFC to release 200 fighters and we can settle on that. The UFC comes back and says we will release 100 fighters. Then they agree on that. There the anti trust lawsuit is settled.

    • Jason Floyd

      – I think it’s likely that Alvarez returns to the UFC and on Chandler, my opinion hasn’t changed on where I think he ends up. I have talked about this multiple times on the podcast over the last 2 months.

      – The reason Bellator doesn’t have that amount of fighters is due to the amount of events they do a year. If they had 250-300 fighters under long term promotional agreements, they would need to do more than 22-25 events a year to not be in breach of those deals.

  2. combat sports fan

    I’ve been saying since the Bellator/ Dazn deal that starting next year all Bellator MMA and kickboxing events will be on Dazn. Bellator will be exclusively on Dazn in 2019. I think that should be the smart/ better fit.

    Is it Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship or Bare Knuckle Boxing? Or are they different? Which do you prefer? Same league /ownership correct?

    • Jason Floyd

      There are different types of Bare Knuckle events. The UK version is different than the United States version, which Sean Wheelock explains on this episode of the podcast.

  3. combat sports fan

    Conner McGregor isn’t the only fighter that brings a crowd. You are wrong. Brock Lesnar also brings a huge crowd.

    PFL has never came up with anything new or creative. They have always copied off of Bellator.

    • Jason Floyd

      When Brock fights, he can bring a crowd. But he hasn’t competed in over a year and it’s likely will not be until February until he has a potential fight in the UFC.

  4. combat sports fan

    I’ve been saying for a long time that Michael Chandler will sign with UFC real soon. There’s nothing else to be done in Bellator. But what’s taking so long. It shouldn’t be that hard. Just pay the man what he’s worth. Which is like a top ten fighter.

    • Jason Floyd

      It’s a contract talks, these things can take time. In combat sports, you have to get the most you can now since you do not know what will happen in the future.

  5. combat sports fan

    PFL should stop thinking they are the UFC. They should use local ticket sellers if they want to be profitable and be around for a long time. Also have better matchmaking. Rey Sefo’s matchmaking is odd.

  6. combat sports fan

    Did you read the PFL press release? One of the investors said PFL 4 had over 2.5 million people viewing it. LMFAO. All these PFL investors and executives are full of shit. WSOF/ PFL biggest joke and most overrated MMA promotion of all time. They have massive egos and are so proud of doing absolutely shit.

    • Jason Floyd

      I saw the announcement of the capital raised with investors. In terms of the viewership, that would likely be a world wide audience, not just the audience on NBCSN, which has not been good. I do like what the PFL is doing, but can’t see them getting a television deal that will justify the money they are paying out to fighters. I hope it works out, because that would be tremendous for fighters and the sport in general.

  7. combat sports fan

    PFL hasn’t made a single penny. Their ratings are absolutely terrible. Nobody watches or pays to see them. Their attendances are all free tickets given to make the place look full. Some don’t even want free tickets. But yet a group of investors invest 53 million dollars in them. They must be getting paid to invest. 53 million dollar waste/ mistake.

  8. combat sports fan

    Can you ask Bellator about the statuses of Kharitonov, Lashley, Minakov,Chandler and Shlemenko?

  9. combat sports fan

    Did you see MMA Junkie’s article on the PFL investment? I didn’t see them list getting a better TV deal or other ways for more people to watch, Maybe FS1 or FX.

    • Jason Floyd

      I have not read the MMA Junkie article, but will add it to my reading list. With the current viewership in the United States for PFL on NBCSN, going to be tough for them to get a rights fee deal.

  10. combat sports fan

    GSP vs Askren main event at MSG. That’s what I’m hoping for to be announced soon.

    I wonder why Bellator didn’t sign Alex Lohore as part of all the European signings.