The MMA Report Podcast: Patricky Pitbull, Rafael Lovato Jr. and Anthony Romero

Patricky Pitbull

Bellator MMA

This week on The MMA Report Podcast, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan get you ready for this weekend’s MMA fight cards and Jason has interviews with Patricky Pitbull, Rafael Lovato Jr. and Anthony Romero.

In the opening round of this week’s podcast, Jason and Daniel take a look back at what happened last weekend at UFC Fight Night 136 in Russia. From the submission win by Alexey Oleynik in the main event to the late stoppage by referee Herb Dean in the Khalid Murtazaliev vs. C.B. Dollaway matchup, the guys hit on multiple topics from this fight card.

Up next, they discuss the passing away of Kid Yamamoto, who passed away earlier this week from cancer. They talk about his career, the defining moments of his career and his run in the UFC. Then they answer listener questions that were submitted to the podcast on social media. After answering the listener questions, you will hear Jason’s interviews with Patricky Pitbull, Rafael Lovato Jr. and Anthony Romero.

Following the interviews, Jason and Daniel preview this week’s Bellator 205 and UFC Fight Night 137. They break down both fight cards, tell you which fights interest them the most, and give their picks in the main event of both fight cards. And in the final round of the show, the guys do their Buy/Sell segment as they touch on five different MMA topics.

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7 Responses

  1. combat sports fan

    What a fucking joke USADA is… What’s the fucking point don’t fucking test at all. Let them all take all the steroids and drugs they can. It clearly doesn’t matter anyway. UFC and Dana should be investigated for them paying off USADA. Brock Lesnar got drug tested 8 times in a month. Passed 6 and failed the last 2. That means if he fought it he’d win and only be suspended 6 months. But he didn’t, instead he took the punishment like a real man. Because people would’ve never believed him anyway. Just get rid of the God damn awful insanely fucking corrupt USADA..

    • Jason Floyd

      As I said on this podcast and other episodes, I would be shocked if he got less than two years. When I got the statement from USADA, I was amazed that Jones will be eligible to fight this year. Did not see this one coming.

  2. combat sports fan

    This is a huge win for all cheaters. Jon Jones is an ICON,,,,,

  3. combat sports fan

    By the way Machida and Cro Cop admitted to using something. Was given suspension even though their tests came back clean. USADA is nothing more than UFC’s bitch…

  4. combat sports fan

    I knew this would happen. Actually I thought he would get 1 year suspension because it’s fucking bullshit USADA… They are also on steriods…