The MMA Report Podcast: Aftermath of Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz III

This week on The MMA Report Podcast, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan get the show started by discussing the aftermath of last week’s trilogy bout between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. They discuss everything from the Black Friday deal being pulled, how the fight was sad, and who should be blamed for what happened.

After they hit on that topic, they moved on to the comments by UFC President Dana White that Sage Northcutt’s days in the UFC at this time have come to an end. Jason and Daniel discuss their thoughts on how we should take these comments and what the future could hold for Northcutt.

Up next, they mention the comments former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones made on ESPN earlier this week and answer a listener question about the statement made by Jones about his most recent issue with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Then they get into the UFC fights that took place last weekend in China and discuss what could be next for Francis Ngannou and Alistair Overeem.

Following the UFC Beijing talk, it’s the interview portion of the show as you will hear Jason’s conversations with Craig Shintani, Michael Hay and Andre Hall. Shintani and Hay preview their respective title fights next weekend at Unified MMA 35, while Hall recaps his recent victory over Brian Maxwell to claim the Elite Warrior Challenge light heavyweight title.

After those interviews, Daniel rejoins Jason to answer a listener question about the recently announced fight between Anderson Silva and Israel Adesanya. Following their thoughts on the listener question, they preview all of this weekend’s UFC and Bellator events and tell you which fights they are most interested to watch.

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5 Responses

  1. Money Super Fights

    Tito said in an interview that Bellator didn’t treat him right. He left UFC and signed with Bellator to see if they’d treat him better and he was wrong. Tito is so full of shit. He’s an ungrateful bitch. Bellator put him in three main events. Was on Bellator’s PPV debut. Gave him a title shot when he was the last person to deserve it. And he made 1.2 million over 4 fights. Bellator treated him like royalty. I hope Tito never fights again and stays retired for good. But he won’t because he’s a cancer that won’t go away. He loves the spotlight too much.

    I think what UFC is doing with Sage Northcutt is smart. Let’s say he fights in ONE for 2 years and returns when he’s much more improved. He’d still be very young. Plus have ONE or Bellator spend big money. Or maybe he’ll sign with ONE and when his contract with them is up, sign with Bellator. Then return to the UFC when he’s let’s say 27.

    Mark Hunt will sign with which of the following: ONE, KSW, or Bellator n Rizin?

    • Jason Floyd

      The only people that know how good or bad the relationship is between a fighter and a promoter are the fighter and the promoter. Obviously, Tito has his reasons on how he feels about his time with Bellator.

      Out of the promotions you mentioned for Hunt, Rizin would be the most likely from my view.

  2. Money Super Fights

    Dana said they offered a MMA promotion a deal. But that promotion didn’t take it. And he said it wasn’t for another trade. I think they offered Bellator a ton of money to go away. They said hell no and that’s why the UFC is going head to head in same area January 26th. 2nd time in same area btw. Or maybe they offered a promotion a deal to be on Fight Pass.

    • Money Super Fights

      What do you think Dana was talking about? Do you think it could be what I’m thinking the deal was?