UFC Denver DFS Preview Show with Jason Floyd and Pete Rogers Jr.

Jason Floyd of The MMA Report Podcast and MMA fighter Pete Rogers Jr. breakdown the UFC Denver card from a Daily Fantasy Sports perspective and give you their lineup for the fight card.

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  1. Money Super Fights

    What did you think of Scott Coker and Ben Askren going back n forth on Twitter? I thought Coker should’ve responded to Dana when he said all his promotions have been failures and that he never created any stars. He probably thought everybody would be on Dana’s side.

    What do you think of these trades and what trades would you like to see?

    Aldo, Overeem, Cyborg, n Gaejthe for Fedor, Chander, Kharitonov, n Daley? Held n Bari for Bedorf n Materla? Gucci for Marat?

    • Jason Floyd

      Thought it was a good back and forth between Coker and Askren. In terms of Coker responding to Dana’s comments from the deposition, I am guessing that Viacom legal told him to not comment publicly, since I am sure he will be questioned in the anti-trust suit.

      In terms of the trades you mention, why would the first trade benefit the UFC? Also, why would KSW want to make those moves?

      • Money Super Fights

        UFC gets arguably two of the best fighters to never fight in their company and two KO artists. Also what don’t you like about the KSW/ ACB trade? You never said what you think of my ONE/ Rizin trade? ONE gets Gucci so he can fight Mighty mouse again and Rizin gets Marat who is a former ONE champion. Yeah, Gucci is a top 3 Flyweight, but Rizin doesn’t really have much of a division.

      • Jason Floyd

        ACB is in a transition period as it appears they will be merging with Akhmat and I do not see KSW wanting to be out of the Michał Materla business. I would like to see a Johnson vs. Horiguchi rematch, but as long as Horiguchi is under contract with Rizin, I do not see them wanting to get out of that business.

  2. Money Super Fights

    UFC went head to head with Bellator in the same market a few years ago. Most people forgot about that. Fight night 50 vs Bellator 123. That was after Bellator’s first PPV where they had 100k buys. And now head to head in same market after the Dazn deal where they’ll crown new heavyweight champ.

    • Money Super Fights

      Ariel Helwani says UFC was supposed to go to the Honda center in 2016. But they didn’t have a big enough main event. so they went the next month at the Barclays center. That main event was terrible btw Holm vs GDM. Yeah but they didn’t have to go on January 26th. They could’ve done January 5th or 12th. This is to fuck with their main competitor again. The UFC are such a huge evil monopoly. They remind me of how WWE is.

      • Jason Floyd

        Here’s what we don’t know. When did the UFC start the process of booking the Honda Center? If the process started 6 months ago, does that change your feelings?

      • Money Super Fights

        Yes. But if that was the case wouldn’t UFC announce it 2 or 3 months ago so they seem like they announced it before Bellator.

      • Jason Floyd

        For the most part, you do not want to announce a date and venue without a big fight. For example, I hear about dates and venues for UFC and Bellator events that have not been announce. Just because a promotion signs an agreement with a venue for a date doesn’t mean they have to release that publicly.

      • Money Super Fights

        Also if that was the case UFC would want to make it clear they aren’t trying to go head to head with Bellator. They would’ve announced it months ago making it known that we also planed to have UFC 233 at the Honda Center January 26th. That way people would think Bellator are going head to head with UFC. And people would make a big deal about that. But nobody says anything when UFC does things because they can do whatever they want. People will always be on their side.

      • Money Super Fights

        The UFC can do no wrong in everybody’s eyes. Their untouchable and off limits.

  3. Money Super Fights

    Who are the better matchmakers in your opinion? Joe Silva vs Mick Maynard? Rich Chou vs Sam Caplan? Sean Shelby vs Matt Hume? Ali vs Sefo? KSW matchmaker vs ACB matchmaker? Rizin vs Cage warriors matchmaker. M1 vs Fight Nights?

    • Jason Floyd

      Can’t really answer this since those matchmakers are not trying to match the same exact fighters at the same time.

  4. Money Super Fights

    I didn’t know that. I wish Viacom bought ACB instead of the corrupt Akhmat organization. Like many promotions in Russia are. Maybe that’s why Viacom didn’t want to deal with them.

    I’m really disappointed Benson Henderson re signed with Bellator instead of testing the market. ONE for sure would’ve paid him the most.

    Minakov vs Kharitonov n Barnett vs Kongo winner of these fights with the most impressive win gets winner of Fedor vs Bader. What do you think of my idea?

    • Jason Floyd

      As we have discussed before, what are you buying and how much is that worth for the person selling and the person looking to buy.

      I like your idea on Bellator heavyweight title fight after the tournament final.