The MMA Report Podcast: Conor McGregor Arrested in Miami

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor was arrested earlier this week in Miami and at the beginning of this week’s podcast, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan discuss how they found out about McGregor’s arrest and what their initial thoughts were about the story.

After discussing McGregor, they move onto the tournament field for the upcoming women’s lightweight tournament field in season two of the Professional Fighters League and the main event change to next week’s Bellator 218.

Up next is the interview portion of the show as Jason chats with Bellator 218 fighters Mike Shipman and Christian Edwards. Shipman previews his fight against Hracho Darpinyan, while Edwards previews his matchup against Roman Huerta.

Following the interviews, the guys wrap up the program by recapping what happened last weekend at UFC on ESPN+ 4 and preview Saturday’s UFC on ESPN+ 5.

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11 Responses

  1. Money Super Fights

    There’s always been a really strong relationship with UFC and WSOF/PFL. Ali has all the fighters he manages sign with UFC and PFL. UFC shows highlights of former WSOF champions/ fighters highlights and mentions they were their former champions. Also UFC lends their retired fighters, ring announcer, and reporters to PFL. Plus remember when Dana told Ben Askren to get some experience in WSOF?

    • Money Super Fights

      UFC is the reason why PFL has a ESPN deal. Why are people so stupid to not realize that.

    • Jason Floyd

      Dominance MMA (Ali’s management company) has fighters signed to multi-fight deals with Bellator. A managers job is to get the best deal for their client and make sure that’s the deal the fighter wants. In MMA, majority of fighters want to be in the UFC, which is why Bellator has to overpay for talent in certain situations.

      • Money Super Fights

        The fighters Ali has with Bellator that re signed with them is because they were already with Bellator. That’s what he himself said in an interview. You don’t see his fighters that are free agents from other promotions sign with Bellator. Ali has them sign with UFC and PFL only, Most of the fighters in season 1 of PFL were managed by Ali.

        And it’s true Bellator has to over pay for big name fighters. But ONE took it to a whole new level by signing guys to 8 figure deals.

      • Jason Floyd

        Ali’s job as a manager is to get the best deal for his client. For example, let’s say fighter “X” is offered a multi fight deal with Bellator that starts at $20k to show, $20k to win and PFL offers a spot in the tournament, which deal should the manager tell the fighter to accept? Obviously, you would advise the fighter to take the PFL deal because it’s a better offer.

  2. Money Super Fights

    With who do you see these free agents sign with? Mark Hunt, Josh Barnett, Tibau, Bigfoot, John Moraga, Dustin Ortiz?

    Have you heard any names of the fighters for season 2 of PFL that they will announce tommorow on who some of them will be? I think Tom Lawlor will be one of them. But do you think there will be any big names or surprises? I would be surprised if half of them aren’t Ali’s fighters.

    • Jason Floyd

      Hunt (ONE or Rizin), Barnett (Rizin), Tibau (ACA), Bigfoot (Rizin), Moraga (Bellator), Ortiz (ONE)

      I have heard some names for PFL season two tournaments. Tom Lawlor is not a name I have heard, but would make sense for him to be in the light heavyweight tournament. Look for this seasons tournament to feature some fighters you have seen on the United States regional scene over the past couple of years.

      • Money Super Fights

        Have you heard Anthony Hamilton, Chase Sherman, Grabowski and Gonzaga as some of the names? Do you think Jake Shields signs with Bellator if he doesn’t return for season 2?

      • Jason Floyd

        I have not heard those names. In terms of name value, Gabriel Gonzaga would make the most sense. I could see that happening with Shields.

  3. Money Super Fights

    Do you think Tito returns to fight again this year and if so with who? Maybe a Bellator return, ONE, Rizin or ksw?

    • Jason Floyd

      In combat sports, it’s tough to believe a fighter will truly stay retired. If Tito fights again, I see ONE has the most likely or if Golden Boy does another event. Based on recent comments by Scott Coker, have to believe it’s not likely Bellator gets back into the Tito business.