The MMA Report Podcast: UFC 245 Preview and Ian Heinisch

This week on The MMA Report Podcast powered by Mack Weldon, Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan get you ready for Saturday’s UFC 245 as they preview the entire fight card and Jason has an interview with preliminary card fighter Ian Heinisch.

Along with discussing Saturday’s UFC fights, they discuss the decision made by the UFC to cut former two division title challenger Liz Carmouche, comments made by the PFL co-founder and they recap last week’s UFC DC.

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12 Responses

  1. Money super fights

    ONE and PFL are the 2 most overrated MMA promotions of all time. They have done nothing and haven’t made any money. But they act like they are at the level of the UFC. The only reason why they are still around is because of their massive egos or else they would’ve been out of business already. They have lost 100’s of millions of dollars. PFL have terrible management and they don’t know WTF they are doing. PFL is a complete joke of a promotion and a massive waste of time. Both ONE n PFL are so full of shit.

  2. Money Super Fights

    Also PFL have never had over 300k viewers. It’s always been in the 100k’s and a couple of times in the 200k’s. But they think they have 10 million imaginary viewers. ONE thinks they have about 3 billion imaginary viewers and they said like 90 million people watched their Japan event worldwide with no proof to back it up. But the media and fans never call out ONE and PFL for the ridiculous things they say.

  3. Money Super Fights

    All of ONE and PFL’s Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and FB views and followers are all bought. Another thing people always ignore.

    • Jason Floyd

      When it comes to social media numbers, there are two tools I use to gauge social media audience. One is Twitter Audit, which will tell you what is viewed as real and fake followers. The other tool is Social Blade. What’s great about Social Blade is you can see when a profile gained or loss a decent amount of followers.

      The last Twitter Audit on PFL was over a year a half ago and 79% of their followers are real. The last audit on One Championship was from 3 weeks ago and 92% of their followers are real

      • Money Super Fights

        That’s because the followers keep going down. PFL had over 100k followers and now it’s half that. Did you check ONE and PFL’s Youtube, Instagram and FB views and followers? Those are all bought.

      • Jason Floyd

        Looks like PFL lost around 40k when Twitter did their purge last year. There followers have been consistent since that. I haven’t looked into the other social media sites, but from a marketing side, it’s smart to run advertising on those sites to help with your branding. If I was in there position, I would do the same exact things.

  4. Money Super Fights

    Ryan Bader signed a 6 fight deal with Bellator originally. That would mean he had 1 fight left plus 3 more added because of the championship clause. But Bellator tore up the contract and gave him a brand new one worth double. He is their double champion so maybe it would’ve been more than 3 fights. That makes no sense on Bellator’s part. The whole point of a championship clause is to take advantage of it. Rory would’ve had the same thing had he retained his title. But he didn’t so now he is a free agent.

    • Jason Floyd

      On Rory, Scott Coker said after his last fight that “”Rory’s contract has not expired, and we have remaining rights.”

      • Money Super Fights

        That’s because Scott Coker wants him to stay and not have other promotions bid for him. He doesn’t want people to know he’s a free agent. Plus there’s 3 months he will talk to him and if they can’t get a deal done then he will test free agency. And talk to other promotions. But I think he will re sign with Bellator.

  5. Money Super Fights

    Dana says McGregor deserves the title fight if he beats Cerrone because he’s Conor McGregor lol. They gave him Cerrone instead of Gaethje to make sure he fights for the title next. The Gaethje fight would be a lot tougher to win.

    • Jason Floyd

      Put yourself in Dana White position. You want to maximize the amount of money the promotion can make. Khabib vs. Conor is the biggest financial fight they can make. Having Conor fight Cerrone was the correct decision. I totally understand where Gaethje is coming from. He’s in a bad spot.