The MMA Report Podcast: Will Jon Jones Get Immediate Heavyweight Title Shot?

Jon Jones vacated the UFC light heavyweight title this week and could his next fight be against Stipe Miocic for the UFC heavyweight title? Listen to Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan discuss this question in this episode of The MMA Report Podcast presented by MedTerra.

In addition to that topic, the guys discuss what they saw last weekend at UFC 252. From Miocic successfully defending the UFC heavyweight title against Daniel Cormier to Marlon “Chito” Vera upsetting Sean O’Malley, they hit on all aspects of UFC 252. Also, they discuss the new UFC video game “UFC 4” and preview this weekend’s MMA action.

This week’s episode of The MMA Report Podcast is presented by MedTerra CBD. Medterra is one of the leading CBD brands in the industry with a full line of functional CBD products. All of their products are third-party tested for quality and purity, and they contain ZERO THC. Visit and enter code MMAREPORT at checkout to receive 20% off.

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14 Responses

  1. IDK Anymore

    What do you think happens with Bellator when ViacomCBS sells to let’s say Netflix, Amazon, or Apple? Do you think it depends on who they sell to? Other companies that could buy them are Disney, AT&T, Comcast, Alphabet, maybe Sony. I think They should merge with Discovery Inc first and then few years later sell to one of these companies.

    • Jason Floyd

      Unless someone makes Viacom a crazy offer, I do not see them selling Bellator. The future of Bellator will be on Showtime.

      • IDK Anymore

        You misunderstood what I said. what would happen to Bellator when ViacomCBS sells to someone.

      • IDK Anymore

        I’m talking about ViacomCBS is going to sell to someone and when they do what would the new company that buys ViacomCBS do with Bellator? Maybe they wouldn’t be that interested in it. Or maybe Scott Coker would have the Warriors ownership group buy it. Then he would be in full control.

  2. IDK Anymore

    Why does Corey Anderson keep saying Bellator has a new TV deal in September? Are they gonna be on Showtime and Dazn instead of Paramount? Maybe Bellator’s done with Dazn earlier then expected. I thought they couldn’t be on Showtime/ CBS until next year.

    Michael Chandler is going to the UFC and I would be shocked if he didn’t. His first fight should be against Dustin Poirier or Tony Ferguson.

    I think if RDA loses his next fight, UFC won’t re sign him and he goes to ONE.

    • Jason Floyd

      Bellator’s new home will be Showtime once television contracts they currently have our completed. From what I’ve been told, DAZN has an out on the deal and that is coming up soon.

      • IDK Anymore

        I thought it was an opt out after 3 years? Or is it 2? Will they be on Showtime next month or next year? Also what about CBS?

        Do you think Bellator MMA will get a video game next year and have a rankings system?

        I heard ONE Championship might be up for sale. If so who do you think buys it?

      • Jason Floyd

        Once DAZN officially exits the deal, that’s when I expect the transition to happen. This has been something that was reported earlier this year. I would be surprised if Bellator does not debut on Showtime in 2020. After the failure of the first video game for Bellator, I would be surprised if they go that route again in terms of promoting the Bellator product.

        In terms of people buying an MMA promotion, you have to find the right people who are willing to invest. Especially when you are buying a promotion not named the UFC.

  3. IDK Anymore

    Not ViacomCBS selling Bellator. I’m talking about them selling ViacomCBS. What happens to Bellator when ViacomCBS sells to someone? It’s not that hard to understand. You keep misunderstanding what I’m saying.

      • IDK Anymore

        I’m talking about Viacom being for sale. If Viacom sold to Netflix, Amazon or Apple. What would they do with Bellator. They would be way bigger and have a lot more resources and money to spend obviously.

      • Jason Floyd

        Bellator already has a ton of resources. One of my philosophies in business is it’s now how much you spend but are you spending the money correctly. Just throwing a ton of money at something is not automatically going to make it grow at a huge rate. Perfect example of this is PFL, who is once against seeking more investors.