Frankie Edgar plans to take title back to the Jersey Shore

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will have his chance to win back the title next Saturday night at UFC 150 when he has his rematch with Benson Henderson.

Edgar feels that he did enough to win the first fight at UFC 144 and has said it’s time for the belt to come back to the Jersey Shore.

“Ben Henderson will not defend the belt and I’m taking it home,” Edgar said. “It’s missing it’s home, it’s going to be in the Jersey Shore.”

The former champion still feels that he did enough to get the decision victory against Henderson earlier this year. All three judges scored the first fight for Henderson with the scores being 49-46, 48-47 and 49-46.

“I did think I won the fight,” Edgar said. “I felt I landed good punches, felt I got takedowns and I find of fought the way I always fight. The fight was close and controversial. I gave two immediate rematches back to back , so it was my turn to get one.”

Both fighters have had rematches in their past and both fighters are undefeated in those fights. Henderson’s only rematch in his career came against Donald Cerrone in the WEC and Edgar has had rematches against B.J. Penn and Gray Maynard.

If Edgar is unable to win the title back next weekend in Denver, his next UFC fight will most likely be in the featherweight division.