Dana White wants Matt Hughes and Forrest Griffin to retire

UFC President Dana White has publicly said before that he would like to see certain fighters retire and he now would like to see former champions Matt Hughes and Forrest Griffin call it a career.


Hughes (45-9) has not fought since his knockout lost to Josh Koscheck at UFC 135 in September of 2011 and is currently on a two fight losing streak.

He is a two time former UFC welterweight champion and White said he has been going back and fourth with the fighter.

After the UFC on FOX 4 Press Conference, White was asked about the future of Hughes and that’s when he said he would like to see him retire.

“Hughes is one of these guys that I absolutely positively want Matt Hughes to retire,” White said. “What is there more to accomplish. The guy has done everything and he has been a staple in this organization for a long time. There is nothing left to prove. It’s so hard for these guys to say I am retired.”

After talking about wanting to see Hughes retire, White went on to say he would like to see Forrest Griffin retire as well.

“I would like Forrest to retire,” he said. “Nothing left for Forrest to prove either. He won the Ultimate Fighter, he has had an amazing career. He won the title when people thought he couldn’t. He became a huge star and made (expletive) ton of money.”

The UFC President said he has talked to Griffin about this and the fighter did not like hearing what White had to say.

Griffin (19-7) has won three of his last four fights, with the only lost coming against UFC on FOX 4 headliner Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 134. He is coming off a close decision victory over Tito Ortiz, which saw him run out of the cage after the final bell.