Henderson plans to win every round against Jones

Dan “Hendo” Henderson has won belts in Pride and Strikeforce, but has not been able to win a UFC title to this point.

He will get his third opportunity to win a UFC title next Saturday night in Las Vegas and will meet Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title.

Henderson (29-8) is known for being able to finish his opponent with his right hand and is planning to win every round next weekend at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

“With Jon Jones, I plan on winning every round,” Henderson said. “I want to make sure I win every round so there is no question. If I can hit him in the right spot pretty hard at the right time and finish him, it’s even better.”

Henderson knows that he will need to watch out of the elbows of the champion, since he used them effectively against Rashad Evans in his last title defense.

“I feel like the things I need to watch out for the most is his elbows,” he said. “I am not so concerned with his hands. Once I’m inside and tight with him, I plan on definitely putting him on his back and see how he fights from there.”

The former Pride and Strikeforce champion realizes that this could be his last chance at a UFC belt and is not going to waste this opportunity.

“I don’t plan on wasting this opportunity,” he said. “I’m making the best of it and making sure I come out on top, no matter what it takes. If I can do, what I know I can do, then I’m going to beat anyone out there. No matter how big they are or how small they are. I know I can beat anybody out there if I perform the way I know I can.”