Blagoi Ivanov is scheduled to make his WSOF debut tonight as he is set to challenge WSOF heavyweight champion Smealinho Rama in the co-main event of WSOF 21.

Jason Floyd - The MMA Report

Jason Floyd – The MMA Report

The official weigh-ins for the event took place yesterday afternoon in Edmonton and Ivanov was not in attendance.

During the weigh-ins, the WSOF announced that Ivanov was stuck at the airport dealing with customs. They stated that Ivanov would be arriving later in the day and he would weigh-in with the commission at that time.

On Friday morning, The MMA Report reached out to the WSOF and they supplied the following statement on Ivanov’s situation heading into tonight’s WSOF 21.

“He weighs in a 4:30 pm local time today,” the statement said. “He did not arrive in Edmonton until 8 pm last night, because his visa did not arrive from NY until yesterday morning. His original flight from Las Vegas to Canada was scheduled for Tuesday, but had to be cancelled after the visa failed to arrive. The commission is ok with him weighing in today because he is a heavyweight who weighs around 245 pounds right now, well within the 265 pound limit, and has done all his medicals. He only needs to weigh in and do his pre-fight physical.”

WSOF 21 will come from the Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada tonight and the event will begin at 7:30 p.m. ET (5:30 p.m. local time). Once Ivanov makes weight and goes through his pre-fight physical, his title fight with Rama will become official.

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  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    Do you think WSOF will announce some of the fighters Bellator released that they signed them? And do you think they’ll announce their next few events tonight on the broadcast? I think they will.

    • Jason Floyd

      In terms of now former Bellator fighters being signed to WSOF. I could see some of them being signed by WSOF, but do not expect those to be announced during tonight’s broadcast. On event announcements, they do like to announce events on their broadcast, but do not think you will see any announced tonight.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    Idk why you are surprised Bellator 140 at Mohegan isn’t a tent pole? Bc they’ve been to bigger venues without it being a tent pole. Like for example
    Save Mart. I told you from the beginning that 140 isn’t a tent pole bc it doesn’t look like one. The card isn’t that good. It’s not like 131/ 134/ 138.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      And btw I’m pretty sure we don’t have to wait until October for their next tent pole. I think it will be in August. I’ve heard they’re planning a big event then.

  3. Hardcore MMA fan

    If the fighters lawsuit and the FTC investigation are separate then why did the FTC contact fighters/ managers? Is it to know how they were treated by the UFC?

    • Jason Floyd

      It’s all part of the investigation being reopened. Fighters and managers not involved with anti-trust suit will be interviewed as well.

  4. Hardcore MMA fan

    I compare Bellator non tent pole events to UFC Fight Pass cards. And tent poles to Fight Night cards. Hbu?

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        You think Bellator cards are worse lol?

      • Jason Floyd

        No. Just depends on card. Can’t really be that general in comparing cards. There are some Bellator events that I prefer to watch over UFC events and vice versa.

  5. Hardcore MMA fan

    Now you know why I’m so high on Ivanov. He proved how good he is last night when winning WSOF hw title in his first fight.

  6. Hardcore MMA fan

    WSOF 17/ 18/ 20/ 21 all were very bad cards. How can they keep going if they’re having shitty cards and keep losing their fighters? Also their attendances are terrible. They’re aren’t making a single penny.

  7. Hardcore MMA fan

    The reason why the Reebok deal will benefit a promotion like ONE is bc they have big partners/ Media partners. For example: Disney, Star Sports, Fox Sports, Yahoo, Monster, Budweiser/ Everlast/ Energizer/ Canon/ Carls JR, etc.

    • Jason Floyd

      When it comes to ONE Championship, those are regional sponsors, not world wide. I like what ONE Championships is doing, but only the absolute hardcore MMA fans know who they are. When you think about sponsorship side of the sport, you need to look at it from the advertiser side. An advertiser is sponsoring a fighter because they are fighting in the UFC cage. The sponsor money for a UFC fighter and a Bellator fighter is a BIG difference.

      Look at it this way, you run the marketing budget for a company that sponsors a MMA fighter that competes in the UFC. Let’s just say that fighter leaves the UFC and goes to another organization. Are you going to pay him the same amount you were paying him if he was fighting in the UFC cage. Simple answer is no.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        I get it, the UFC has the biggest value for sponsors/ fighters. But you can also make good money outside the UFC. You just can’t be considered the best and fight the best. You can fight some of the best tho in other promotions and get paid well.