On this week’s edition of The MMA Insiders Podcast, Jason Floyd and Sam Caplan continue to discuss the fallout of Jacob “Stitch” Duran being fired by the UFC and comments made by UFC President Dana White following UFC on FOX 16.The MMA Insiders Podcast

After discussing the Duran and White story, the guys discussed last weekend’s UFC on FOX 16 fight card that took place in Chicago. They talked about the performance of bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw and Miesha Tate securing a title shot in the UFC women’s bantamweight division.

Other topics from this week’s show include UFC 190, WSOF 22, UFC Fight Pass, Japanese MMA, Brian Rogers, Nazareno Malegarie, and Andrew Todhunter.

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5 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    Bellator shows/ events after it airs is on my PS3 for 2 dollars an episode and 15 bucks for SD for whole season and HD 25 bucks. Or 20 bucks for HD something like that. But they don’t have the tent poles tho. I bought a few episodes and some in HD which is like a dollar more.

    Pride wasn’t called Dynamite, Dream was. If Pride comes back I heard Scott is gonna co promote with them and lend their fighters to Japan. I think after a while Viacom should buy Pride 2.0.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    There’s 8 fights on the Bellator 141 prelims. And 5 outta the 8 are good fights. Including Primus vs Anderson and Sordi vs Mathews. Do you know what’s the 4th fight on the main card? It’s a solid card for Bellator.

    Some ppl like Luke Thomas think Bellator isn’t a true alternative to the UFC. What do you think Jason, you agree? I disagree bc I think Bellator is the only competition to UFC in MMA and their ratings are somewhat similar.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      Also they’re in 500 million homes worldwide and in over 140 countries. Backed by Viacom and on Spike. Hell yeah they are a true alternative to the UFC.

    • Jason Floyd

      Depends on what you consider competition in business. I understand where Luke Thomas is coming from and I can see your point as well. Overall, Bellator is a competitor to the UFC. However, many fighters do not consider Bellator a true competitor.

  3. Hardcore MMA fan

    Bellator’s last few hw signings were Tony Johnson jr, Kimbo, Shamrock, Hood, Gormley, and now Justin Wren. I just don’t get signing Chase Gormley and Justin Wren. I would’ve signed Jon Madsen instead if I were them. Their hw div is terrible and it keeps getting worse and worse. What do you think of their recent signings and matchups?