Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Show” and they discuss what happened on Saturday night at UFC 190 and WSOF 22.

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  1. Hardcore MMA fan


    Check out these recent cuts made by Bellator. Does any of them surprise you Jason?

    Zarmoskis/ Slack/ Cleiton Duarte/ Butcher/ Parlo/ Rafael Silva/ Neves. Why would they release these guys?..?!

    Some of these guys haven’t lost or debuted for them and still they cut em.

    Rampage is on Bellator’s website roster again. Do you know the latest with Rampage/ UFC/ Bellator?

    • Jason Floyd

      The legal process with Bellator and Rampage is still currently going on.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    And they added a lot of fighters to their website. How many of them they’ll keep and how many they’ll release is tbd.

  3. Hardcore MMA fan

    UFC 190 had no competition on Saturday night. UFC most of the time doesn’t have any competition every time they have an event. Bellator has the most competition on Friday nights. Yet still their ratings are somewhat similar.

    Do you also do radio broadcasting for the Bucs during preseason or only regular? And have you met Jameis Winston yet and if so how is he as a person? Also what are your predictions/ expectations?

    • Jason Floyd

      Friday and Saturday night’s are not great TV nights, especially when you are targeting a demographic that may not be at home. In one month, the UFC will have major competition on every Saturday with college football. Also, UFC does have to go up against regional coverage of MLB. For example, the Tampa Bay Rays have HUGE television numbers in the Tampa Bay market (#20 media market). Those numbers do not show up in national viewership, but this is the type of competition the UFC and other MMA organizations have to compete against from April-September.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        Bellator goes up against really popular shows and sports competition on Fridays. New movies come out to theaters every Friday night. Ppl usually are out on weekends esp Friday nights. One time this yr they went up against the Bruce Jenner interview which did 16 million viewers. Remember when they went up against the NFL draft a couple of yrs ago? That also killed their ratings.

        UFC and Bellator this yr went up against NBA/ NHL playoffs and they will have to go up against College football. MLB playoffs as well. Usually UFC tries to avoid competition by changes their fight card start times or nights. Bellator never does which is pretty stupid on their part.

        That’s why Bellator needs to be on starting at 10 est instead of 9 est. They’d get way better ratings.

        Any word on the revival of Pride 2.0?