The MMA Report Live take place today at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on and the show is hosted by Jason Floyd of The MMA Report.MMAReportLive

On today’s show, Jason will be joined by Sean Wheelock, Chip Moraza-Pollard, Kody Nordby, and Adam Milstead.

Along with the interviews on the show, Jason will discuss this weekend’s UFC 192 and give his picks for the five fights that will take place on the pay-per-view portion of the show.

Below is the scheduled times today’s guest will appear on the show:

  • 2:10 – Sean Wheelock
  • 2:50 – Chip Moraza-Pollard
  • 3:00 – Kody Nordby
  • 3:10 – Adam Milstead

In addition to the interviews and topics above, Jason will take your phone calls at (813) 434-1037, tweets, and questions can be left in the comment section below.

3 Responses

  1. Richard

    Who should be next for Caldwell? How far is he away from a titleshot?

    If you had to come up with odds? What are the chances the UFC card in NY will happen?

    Anything you can tell about the opponent of MVP? Seems odd that they already announced some of the prelims but not his opponent.

    What do you think about the 2 decisions in the antitrust lawsuit this week? How important are they for fighters?

    Are you suprised that Zuffa named Invicta and Titan as competitors as part of their defense but not WSOF? How are they competitors when they are streamed on Fightpass?

  2. henry

    Who are you hearing for MVPs opponent? Any hints?

    Any update on Reiter vs France for Bellator 146? Also on the card is Chidi and Rickey Rainey. Could they be facing each other?

    What Bellator stars do you see on the NYE card? Joe warren has expressed interest. Could you see him getting a rematch with Bibiano Fernandes?
    And any update on a contract situation with him? He said Lacarvis was the last fight on his deal.

    After the bill was again denied for mma in NY. UFC went out and said “We don’t need NY, NY needs the UFC” how silly does this new motion look after saying that, and why Is the media ignoring it?

    PS I know you’re a buccs fan but Julio Jones will be the NFLs first 2,000 yard receiver.

  3. Alan Finch

    Do you think Meisha will test the waters with Bellator once her contract Is up?

    Lots of rumors about Bellator wanting to bring in small 135ers and big 115 girls from the UFC.

    Also since there’s a good chunk of free time I’d like to hear what you think are some of the biggest surprises in the NFL so far this season., if you don’t mind.