Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Preview Show” and they preview this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 78, Bellator 146, and WSOF 25.

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13 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    Bellator’s YouTube page had about 35 million views. And now it’s down to about 29 million. Is something wrong with YouTube? Bc I highly doubt Bellator buys those like most do. I say that bc I check those things and they don’t go up and down like others do. What I’m trying to say is, it’s believable. Some you’re like yup they for sure bought all those.

    Btw they finally got new merchandise for the Bellator Shop. Still only a few things to chose from. Those things are expensive.

    What do you think of the fights announced today? I don’t like them. Some of the Bellator matchmaking just doesn’t make any sense at all.

    I’m glad they’re doing 5 fight main cards now. I hope it’s for all their events. On Tapology and Wiki they have 13 fights listed for Bellator 147. All local ticket sellers as usual.

    If Brian Foster wins the tourney tonight. Do you think he beats Gaethje? I think he would. And if Foster wins the tournament tonight. I think he’d be Justin’s toughest match up he’s faced so far. Hbu. This 8 man tournament is really weak in terms of competition/ names. And very dangerous. Can’t believe any state would agree to this. And that says a lot about WSOF not caring about fighter safety..

    • Jason Floyd

      I haven’t looked to in depth into the fights Bellator announced today as I have had other things going on. In terms of the local ticket sellers, that is what every promotion has to do when there initials are not UFC.

      Foster is my pick to win the tournament, but that side of the bracket is the tougher road to the final. Foster vs. Gaethje would be an exciting fight and I would give Foster a good chance of winning. In terms of the tournament, I believe that WSOF was very limited in locations since I think most commissions would not regulate this.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        Is it possible for someone to hack in somebody’s YouTube channel and change the views and subscribers? I think that’s what happened with Bellator’s YouTube channel. Anyway that’s something they’ll have to deal with.

        I think the best fight of the weekend is Cotto/ Canelo. Hbu?

        I think your Magic have a good chance of making the playoffs. They got a good core. My Lakers have a bright future, but the present sucks.

        Do you see your Magic doing any trades before the deadline? I’m hoping my Lakers do a big trade.

        Nick Young and Ryan Kelly for Randolph. Or Hibbert and Lou Williams for K Love. What do you think of my trade ideas for the Lakers?

        What trades would you want your Magic to make before the deadline?

      • Jason Floyd

        When it comes to You Tube, that is a question for Google. I would agree with your pick for fight of the weekend.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        You didn’t answer my ?’s about the Lakers and Magic?

      • Jason Floyd

        Magic roster is fine, building through the youth and paying those guys when those contracts are up. For example, paying Tobias Harris. On your trade suggestions, why would the other teams do those trades? For Lakers, it’s going to take time to develop the roster. It takes time, just look at teams like Magic, Bucks, etc.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        The other teams would do those trades to unload their big contracts. And they’re afraid Kevin Love won’t be that healthy this yr. And Memphis needs three point shooting.

      • Jason Floyd

        To trade a big contract, you have to trade equal money back. I would not do either of those trades.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        Dude that is equal money trades. I did my research before I said it. And on Real GM trade checker, they said it was successful trades.

        Are you a big Black Friday online shopper Jason? I usually buy stuff at the stores. But it’s easier online. I just don’t like putting in my credit card info.

      • Jason Floyd

        Not really on Black Friday. Back when I work on terrestrial radio, I had to work so many of those morning so I see the madness that happens. Not really something I want to deal with.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan


    Lol Sherdog messed up on this. France beat Reiter.

    I just don’t get why Bellator continues to give Josh Burns, Houston Alexander, Rogers, Beltran, Grove fights on the main card. Hell why give them fights period. And they release good fighters instead of the guys who suck.

    What’s next for Melvin Manfoef? Manfoef vs Radach? Manhoef vs Mathews? Or Manhoef vs Schilling rematch?

    Last night proved 1 night tournaments never work out. Esp 8 man tourneys. And the Bellator tournament proved that too.

    • Jason Floyd

      When it comes to middleweight, the first question is who will challenge Carvalho? I would expect them to book Manhoef against another striker.

      One night tournaments are extremely tough to put on because of the amount of issues that can take place. I am very interested to see how there TV ratings were last night in comparison to other WSOF events.