On this edition of The MMA Report Podcast, Jason Floyd has interviews with Andrey Koreshkov, Devin Clark, Pedro Gonzalez, Mike Rodriguez, Jason Novelli, Jack May, Angela Young and Evan Elder.

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One Response

  1. Rodney P

    What a surprise listening to your show and hearing you mention my name and the thoughts I have posted on your site. A BIG THANK YOU. As far as Dada 5000 is concerned, I don’t know any state, whose Athletic Commission will license him to fight. But I also can see him getting a license to fight for a state’s Athletic Commission by showing his medical records and getting clearance from doctors and by arguing he has a right to make a living in his chosen endeavor. If a state’s Athletic Commission does license him in the future, that state should make part of his license requirements be all of his training sessions be monitored by a state’s Athletic Commission approved doctor and that he does a monitored simulated fight before he ever gets in a cage again. That state should make it as difficult and as safe for Dada 5000 as possible in his pursuit to get licensed and back into the cage.