The MMA Insiders Podcast Episode 96

For the second time this month, Sam Caplan and Jason Floyd kick off the show by discussing a potential anti-doping policy violation involving a UFC fighter as Brock Lesnar was informed by USADA this pas Friday about his potential violation from an out-of-competition drug test on June 28, 2016.

Along with discussing the situation involving Lesnar, Sam and Jason talk about the substance that came up in Jon Jones failed drug test, which was revealed during a Nevada Athletic Commission hearing on Monday and explain how the USADA appeal process will work for Jones.

Other topics on this week’s edition of the podcast include Michael Page’s win over Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos, how insurance claims works for fighters following a fight, comments by Scott Coker about the valuation of Bellator and what could be next for Tito Ortiz in the Bellator cage.

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One Response


    I respectfully disagree with Sam Caplan on the Evangelista Santos versus Michael Venom Page matchup. That fight was totally irresponsible matchmaking. One of the jobs that should be part of a matchmaker’s job is to make sure to lessen the degree of possible injury by matching up two opponents who are on the same level of quality. Evangelista Santos showed the world that he was not on the same level as Michael Venom Page in his previous fight where he took 62 unanswered strikes in a row from Saad Awaad in a knockout loss. And no matchmaker should never award him for getting knocked out by matching him up against an even higher level of an opponent than Saad Awaad was. Example for someone like Sam Caplan, Notre Dame is a college football team, but no one in their right mind would match them up against Division 3 St. John’s (Minn.). The amount of potential injuries that could happen in a game like that is non-existent because the NCAA would not allow that game to take place. Evangelista Santos was not a step up in competition for Michael Venom Page, it was irresponsible matchmaking by people who are so narrow minded that they choose to blind themselves on the ridiculousness of that matchup. But knowing this squash matchup making crew of Bellator, I would not put it past them to matchup Evangelista Santos against Michael Venom Page again in the future, after Evangelista Santos is healthy and them market the card as BELLATOR VENGEANCE (lol). Great show once again Jason Floyd. And Sam Caplan is always entertaining with his inside insight on the MMA business.