One of the top lightweight fighters in Bellator is now a free agent as former title challenger Marcin Held announced on Wednesday morning that he is now a free agent after he terminated his contract with the California based promotion.

Held (22-4) is coming off a decision win against Dave Jansen at Bellator 155 and he won eleven of his fourteen fights in the promotion. He is 7-1 in his last eight fights and the only defeat in his last eight fights came against current UFC lightweight Will Brooks in a title fight at Bellator 145.

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    The Bellator CLOWN SHOW management continues. It’s obvious that under this Viacom management, Bellator has NO PLAN. Constant moves that make ZERO SENSE, and yet still advertising they are FIGHTERS FIRST, what a total joke. Released welterweight Paul Bradley (23-6), after a win, released bantamweight Jesse Brock (22-8), after a win, released a viable heavyweight, Raphael Butler (9-2-1), let it get so bad that Bellator management released Lightweight Champion Will Brooks from his contract, and I am sure more of this type of garbage will be coming in the near future. I’m sure Bellator doesn’t want to keep Andrey Koreshkov under contract, and notice how there is ZERO talk of Bobby Lashley fighting in the Bellator cage again. So that probably means his contract is up, and as soon as Tony Johnson takes one loss, I would not be surprised if Bellator releases him. Bellator is a joke under this Viacom management and I hope that some company like Disney comes in and buys Bellator from Viacom so they can end this CLOWN SHOW management of Bellator. I still root for Bellator fighters, but this Viacom management has turned Bellator into a pure disgrace. Jason Floyd, I have stated to you before that every time Bellator takes one step forward, it follows immediately by taking two steps backwards. Michael Venom Page has only two fights left on his contract, so look for his release from Bellator in 2017 as well. Seriously, it would not surprise me.