Video: CM Punk talks about his MMA debut and what’s next for him

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks was defeated on Saturday night at UFC 203 by Mickey Gall in his mixed martial arts debut and check out what Brooks told the media following the fight card below courtesy of MMA Fighting.

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    I really wish the UFC would stop doing this garbage. But I understand the money is too attractive. The UFC signed James Toney and CM Punk and immediately put them in against experienced opponents because the UFC was only looking for a one off chance to make a windfall of cash, which is so short sighted. This is one thing that I think Bellator does right with so called FUN FIGHTS that the UFC does not do right. Bellator signed Kimbo Slice and put him up against someone he could beat so they could not only make one big windfall of cash, Bellator wanted to build him to make multiple windfalls of cash. Unfortunately, Kimbo Slice passed away. However, Bellator signed Kimbo Slice son, and his first scheduled opponent was going to be against a opponent with ZERO professional MMA fights because Bellator wants to build him and make plenty of money off of his celebrity. If the UFC isn’t going to do it right, then just stop doing it. But as I stated earlier, the UFC will not stop doing this because the one shot windfall of cash is too attractive.