The MMA Report Podcast: October 5, 2016

On this week’s edition of “The MMA Report Podcast,” Jason Floyd is joined by Kendall Grove, Hisaki Kato, Goiti Yamauchi, Austin Springer and Kal Holliday. Also, Jason talks about some of the latest news in MMA including comments made by Khabib Nurmagomedov about his current situation in the UFC lightweight division.

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13 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    Newton, Halsey, and Minakov have all been taken off Bellator’s website. That means they were released. Can you check with Bellator to confirm it?

    I think Newton and Halsey will sign with WSOF. And obviously Minakov is going to the UFC.

    How close are Fedor and Carwin to signing with Bellator?

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    I’m looking forward to WSOF 33 more than UFC 204. Hbu?

  3. Hardcore MMA fan

    Now Minakov is back on their website. And they have him listed as world champion. Do you think they resolved the contract issues?

    • Jason Floyd

      My understanding of the situation is that there has been conversations between Bellator and Minakov’s new manager, Ali Abdel-Aziz. If Bellator could get Minakov to a new contract, Bellator could do some interesting things at heavyweight.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        But Ali wants him in the UFC. And Minakov really wants to be in the UFC. But if Bellator increases his pay I’m sure he’d be happy to stay.

        Also Bellator 162 is a stacked card top to bottom. Which are you looking forward to most. Bellator 162 or 163?

      • Jason Floyd

        Ali’s job is to get the best possible contract for all of his fighters. In a majority of cases, Bellator is going to have to pay more for the services of a fighter that the UFC. Which let’s be honest, it’s a great situation for fighters. This is how free agency should work. Have multiple companies bidding for your services.

        I am more interested in Bellator 163, but Bellator 162 is a solid card as well. McGeary vs. Davis is one of the best fights Bellator can currently make and I am very interested to see Ed Ruth and Tyrell Fortune on the preliminary card. Tim Caron is another fighter on that preliminary card that I am interested to see.

        On Fedor and Carwin, haven’t heard anything concrete on that situation. I would be fairly surprised if Carwin does not end up in Bellator.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        But Minakov isn’t a free agent. He still has fights on his Bellator deal. He just wants to redo his deal to get a pay increase. He sees all these UFC guys getting huge contracts with Bellator. And he wants a piece of that pie too.

        You think they’ll announce the main event of WSOF NYC on the broadcast 2moro? And some other WSOF fights?

      • Jason Floyd

        Bellator contracts are different than UFC deals. While UFC deals are “X” amount of fights, Bellator contracts are “X” amount of fights or “Y” amount of time (whichever expires first). A prime example of this is Will Brooks. While he had fights left on his deal, the contract was set to expire because of date.

        The WSOF NYE card is targeted to be headlined by Justin Gaethje (as long as he wins tomorrow).

  4. Hardcore MMA fan

    Do you know how close Fedor and Carwin are to signing with Bellator?

  5. Hardcore MMA fan

    I know Justin Gaejthe is gonna headline the NYC card. But that’s if he and Jason High win. Bc they wanna do Gaejthe vs High at NYC.

    I hope the WSOF NYC card will have 3 title fights on it. But I doubt there will be.

  6. Hardcore MMA fan

    Let’s say Bellator does a PPV in the summer of 2017. Which 5 fights would you want to see on the main card?

    For me it’s: Rory Mac vs Daley, Fedor vs Carwin, King Mo vs Alessio, Thomson vs Rickels, and Lashley vs Kongo!