The MMA Report Preview Podcast: UFC Fight Night 99/100 and Bellator 165 Edition

Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Preview Podcast” and they preview Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 99, UFC Fight Night 100 and Bellator 165.

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10 Responses


    Nice preview show as always Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan. I, for one, will be watching Bellator 165 and NCAA football.


    I just finished watching Bellator 165 and I must say WHAT THE H_LL WAS THAT MICHAEL VENOM PAGE VS FERNANDO GONZALEZ FIGHT SUPPOSED TO BE? THAT 15 MINUTES OF A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING. As far as I am concerned that fight could have been a draw. Out of the two fighters, MVP hurt his stock a whole lot more than Fernando Gonzalez because MVP showed his fighting style is not one of engagement instead he showed that his fighting style is one of being a total counter fighter and nothing else. There is no way Bellator can justifiably give Michael Venom Page a Bellator Welterweight Title shot.

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      Rodney P, the MVP vs Gonzales fight wasn’t really what ppl expected. But the Chandler vs Bendo fight sure did deliver. And Idk WTF Scott Coker was watching, but Chandler clearly won that fight. Scott thought Bendo won. Bc he wanted him to win.


    For the rest of Bellator 165, Kevin Ferguson Jr. showed he has the same endurance issues his late father had. Kevin Ferguson Jr. needs to learn the lesson now, fight with a uneven pace throughout his future fights, meaning fight in spurts so he can get his wind back during the lulls in his fights. Keri Anne Melendez looked great and it was nice to see a female fighter punch with power. I have no idea what Brandon Gritz was doing by not showing how much power and strength he had over Adam Picolotti. And I was totally impressed by Linton Vassell. That guy is a darn good MMA fighter because he works. Francis Carmont looks like a totally different fighter at light heavyweight than at middleweight. I really hope to see a whole lot more of him in the Bellator cage.

  4. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I hate that Scott Coker and Bellator want UFC guys that come to Bellator to beat their own fighters. Scott thought Bendo won and he wanted him to win.

    Why do they want UFC fighters to be their champions? Bc it makes their title mean more? Having your home grown guys prove that they can beat anyone means they are the best. They should look at it that way.

    Can you believe we have to now wait for the Heavyweight grand prix tournament until the summer? They have not had a heavyweight title fight in about three years.

    I wonder what will headline their NYC card. What do you think? I thought Fedor vs Mitrione would headline the Barclay’s Center.

    • Jason Floyd

      Daniel and I will discuss your comments here on the post fight show, which will be posted tonight at approximately 7:30p ET/4:30p PT.

  5. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I think for sure UFC will counter program Fedor vs Mitrione. Hbu?