On this edition of The MMA Insiders Podcast, Jason Floyd is joined by fighter/coach Greg Rebello. They discuss topics ranging from Friday’s UFC 207, weigh cutting in MMA, what a cruiserweight division could have done for the sport, the regional scene, Brennan Ward and the various fighter associations.

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    Well, Jason Floyd, since last week, Cristiane Justino and Josh Barnett have been notified of POTENTIAL USADA VIOLATIONS. MMA is as bad as CYCLING (lol). And I see that Bellator actually put Rebecca Ruth on a fight card that is not in Missouri and Bellator put Brennan Ward on a fight card that is not in Connecticut. A+ on Bellator on changing things up with that. They need to have their fighters be national fighters and in some cases, world known fighters with the places Bellator has been and is going to.

    • Jason Floyd

      When it comes to Brennan Ward, he is a massive ticket seller in Connecticut so it’s best for the Bellator business to have him fight in Connecticut. Bellator is expected to return to Mohegan in April and I would expect Ward to be on that card.


    Yeah yeah yeah, Brennan Ward is a massive ticket seller in Connecticut, blah blah blah. But if you put Brennan Ward only on cards in Connecticut then he will just be a Connecticut fighter with ZERO national marketing and he and Bellator will never maximize or grow his brand. Just like if Bellator never puts Rebecca Ruth on a card outside of Missouri. Bellator is trying to grow their brand, not trying to keep it regional. Why do you think Matt Bessette doesn’t want to sign a long term fight contract with Bellator? It’s because he would only be fighting on Connecticut fight cards. So would you be saying the same thing if the UFC only put Connor McGregor on cards only in Ireland? No you would not. So it’s a good move to put Brennan Ward on a fight card in California, it is a good move to put Rebecca Ruth on a fight card in California to grow their fan appeal and to grow the Bellator product. Now we wait who is going to drop off the fight card because of injury.

    • Jason Floyd

      With Bellator being on Spike in the United States, they are attempting to grow their fighters brands nationally, not just locally. Having a fighter like Ward in Connecticut is best for business. Not just for Bellator, but also the fighter. If I was a fighter that was a big local ticket seller, I would have my management put a clause in my contract that required at least one fight a year had to take place outside of my home state.


    You are going to keep ignoring the fact that I KNOW IT’S GOOD BUSINESS to fighters like Brennan Ward fight in Connecticut, and Rebecca Ruth to fight on Missouri fight cards, and have David The Caveman Rickels fight on fight cards in Kansas City. But I would think Bellator would not only want to limit those fighters fan appeal to just being local fighters to their area, it was be wise to grow their fighters fan base beyond just their local markets by having them also fight on fight outside of their local markets.