Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Podcast” and they discuss what happened on Friday night at UFC 207.

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    Rhonda Rousey needs to work on a lot. She has ZERO stand up offense and ZERO stand up defense. She doesn’t know how to set up double leg and single leg takedowns, she doesn’t seem to know how to tie up her opponents and make the fight gritty up against the cage, she just has a lot to work on. And for her psychic, she needs to learn and practice sportsmanship, having that quality alone would relax her because she would have a healthy respect for her opponent and her sport. Too bad, Rhonda Rousey was so arrogant that she thought she was worthy of getting a title fight after taking one year off after losing her title by knockout in her last fight. A couple of tune up fights would have benefited her and it would have helped pay per view buys and it would built up more intrigued for Rhonda Rousey getting a title shot. But now another big UFC pay per view draw is down, to go along with Connor McGregor, Jon Jones, and Brock Lesnar. Paige VanZant was a intriguing fighter to possibly plug in to a pay per view, but she got schooled her last fight out. So who is next? Tyron Woodley could be with his Hollywood movie roles he has played, but the UFC did not ever even advertise those. So who is the next UFC pay per view draw?