On this week’s edition of The MMA Report Podcast, the UFC is doing a women’s title fight in February at UFC 208 and the fight will not feature current Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino. Jason Floyd explains where he stands on this story and talks about Bellator’s decision to release Tony Johnson following his majority decision lost against Cheick Kongo.

Along with discussing some of the other major news in mixed martial arts, Jason has interviews with Daniel Weichel, James Gallagher, Anthony Taylor, Dakota Cochrane and Derek Bohi.

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9 Responses


    Jason Floyd, I listened to your comments about the releasing of Tony Johnson by Bellator, and I will always disagree with you and anyone else about releasing grinders, who put their opponents on their backs and whips their a_ _ to the victory. Sure, it is not a action packed as the running man style of say Stephen Wonderboy Thompson, oh wait, his fights are boring as well. But if the opponents do not like the fighting style of their opponents, then stop them from employing their fighting style against them. Bellator operated like a bunch of sleaze bags by releasing, once again, another top fighter in one of their divisions. And by not operating in good faith by releasing Bobby Brents after one fight. MMA fighters need protection from shady sleazy business practices like what Bellator has done in this instance. Georges St. Pierre had a grinding fighting style, yet, he is considered one of the most popular fighters in MMA history. Bellator operated like the second rate organization that it is by doing this. What’s next, releasing Afro American fighters because they don’t draw? Releasing unattractive fighters because they aren’t attractive? Being shady has no boundaries, so be careful with being on board with the shady way Bellator operated in this instance. MMA fighters need protection from sleazy business practices like what Bellator has done in this instance with Tony Johnson and with Bobby Brents.

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      What about when UFC released Jared Rosholt? Or Jon Fitch, Yushin Okami, Jake shields?

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        I know Bellator has made a lot of BS releases. And a lot of them are very mind boggling. But Bellator prolly has a plan.

        Scott Coker says they have a five year plan.
        And so far it’s working. Attendances and gates up big time. International deals and expansion. Good sponsorship deals and ratings. Getting big name fighters and rising prospects.

        Even tho I still don’t get some of their releases and the ppl they keep instead.

      • RODNEY P

        How many fights did Jon Fitch have in the UFC? And at the time, Jon Fitch was on a three fight losing streak. As for Jake Shields, he was only 4-3 in the UFC and also busted for failing a drug test. Yushin Okami doesn’t have a boring fighting style and there has never been any complaints about his fighting style and he fought in the UFC for years and he even got a title fight against Anderson Silva. And Jared Rosholt fighting style has been criticized, but his fight against Roy Nelson was quite the opposite of his lay and pray fighting style. Against Roy Nelson, Jared Rosholt ran the entire fight and that is what doomed him in the eyes of the UFC even with a 6-2 UFC record. So there is ZERO comparison to any of those UFC cuts as to what Bellator did to Tony Johnson. Simply put, Tony Johnson was one of the best that Bellator had to offer at heavyweight and Bellator blew it, AGAIN. And Bellator operated in totally bad faith by agreeing to have a stipulation with Shamrock FC by stating that if any Shamrock FC Champion who defends their title at least once earns a Four Fight Contract with Bellator if they choose. To not honor that contract with Bobby Brents is totally deplorable. MMA FIGHTERS NEED PROTECTION FROM SHADY SLEAZY BUSINESS PRACTICES LIKE THIS.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        There’s zero comparisons??? Yes there is. Tony Johnson is a really boring fighter. Maybe to you he’s really exciting. But to most ppl he and the others I mentioned make you wanna change the channel every time they fight.

        I’m more surprised they released Bobby Brents than Tony Johnson.

  2. Hardcore MMA Fan

    IMO the new regime has way better matchmaking than the old one. The new regime is way better than the old one. Scott Coker and Rich Chou are best for business. The old regime was terrible. The new regime has been amazing for Bellator and MMA in general.

    • RODNEY P

      Bellator has released heavyweights Tony Johnson, Bobby Brents, Raphael Butler, Blagoi Ivanov, and Alexander Volkov, even though though MMA fans complain that there are not any good heavyweights out there, well, that list alone begs to differ. And all of these releases are in the Scott Coker era.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        Zack Makosky, Wilson Reis, Hector Lombard, Ben Askren, Joe Soto Oleksiy Oliynyk, Jorge Masividal, Lyman Good, etc. Were all released by the previous regime. Also Bjork got rid of their female 115 pound division.

        Their fighter contracts were terrible.
        They screwed so many fighters. At least the new regime releases fighters now than have them sit out 2 plus yrs like the old one did.

        Bellator has always had BS releases old and new regimes.


    And that still doesn’t justify releasing Tony Johnson, who was quite simply, one of the best heavyweights on the Bellator roster. And the fact that Tony Johnson took the fight against Cheick Kongo with dealing with the suicide of his brother. And for people who don’t like a fighter that puts his opponents on their backs and whips their a_ _, get over it because it’s MMA. And it’s not for Tony Johnson to stop doing what he is doing to earn his victories, it’s up to his opponents to stop him. And Bellator not honoring the deal they made with Shamrock FC, a feeder organization, by releasing Bobby Brents after one fight, is totally deplorable and lacks ethics