Rizin Fighting Federation is seeking the assistance of the Association of Boxing Commission and Combative Sports and Jason Floyd lets you know the type of assistance they are looking for on this week’s edition of The MMA Report Podcast.

Jason also tells you something else the Association of Boxing Commission and Combative Sports has cooking in terms of the regulatory side of the sport and tells you about the civil lawsuit that heavyweight Mark Hunt has filed against the UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar.

Also on this week’s podcast, Jason has interviews with fighters who will be competing at Bellator 170, Shamrock FC 282, New England Fights 27 and Apex Fights 13. Bellator 170 fighters Georgi Karakhanyan and Emmanuel Sanchez will preview their fight against each other and Karakhanyan will let you know if he plans to remain at featherweight.

After those interviews, Jason talks with Shamrock FC 282’s Kelvin Tiller and Garrett Gross. Tiller will be headlining the event as he faces Kevin Sears in a heavyweight bout and Gross will be facing Deron Carlis in a lightweight bout. Tiller will discuss his decision to move up to the heavyweight division and Gross talks about some of the changes he has made in preparations for this fight.

Then you will hear from undefeated featherweight Aaron Lacey. He is scheduled to return next month at New England Fights 27 against Chris Jacobs and he talks about his quick rise up the New England Fights featherweight rankings. And finally, he will be joined by amateur heavyweight Billy Swanson to discuss his title fight against Justin Goodin at Apex Fights 13 and find out if he is considering a move to the professional ranks.

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8 Responses


    Nice try to slant your reporting on Meryl Streep’s THE ARTS comment. Apparently, you aren’t better than that. Because at no point did it come out of Meryl Streep’s mouth she doesn’t like MMA. But you sensitive MMA fans act like a bunch of petty children. We all know THE ARTS mean LITERATURE, MUSIC, DANCE, AND PAINTING, historically that meaning has never changed. But here comes you super sensitive petty MMA fans crying about a comment. Go get a bottle. Meryl Streep also mentioned football, and at no point did she ever say she doesn’t like football. But you don’t hear the football world up and arms commenting on Meryl Streep’s comment like a bunch of whiny children. Grow up.

  2. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Kelvin Tiller had three fights in Bellator and then got released. Was that BC he couldn’t never make weight?

    Can you make sure Tony Johnson Jr and Bobby Brents really got released by Bellator? BC there profiles on Bellator website are still there. And a few other fighters profiles have been taken down.

    What are fights you wanna see in 2017?

    • Jason Floyd

      The releases of Tony Johnson and Bobby Brents were confirmed to my by a Bellator official when I reported that both fighters were no longer part of the promotion.

      On Tiller and Bellator, I am not sure the exact reason on his departure from Bellator. Since he only had three fights and they were all preliminary bout, was likely just on 3 one fight deals as a local ticket seller.

      Fights I want to see in 2017 and some of them are already made: Woodley/Thompson, Nurmagomedov/Ferguson, Jones/Cormier, Rockhold/Jacare, Mousasi/Weidman, JDS/Werdum, Ward/Page, Straus/Weichel, Caldwell/Dantas and MacDonald/Lima.

  3. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I think the UFC Brooklyn card is pretty stacked. I might be the only one that thinks that tho. But I don’t care. I like that card. And 2moro night’s card is good too.

    Fights that I wanna see this yr: Rory Mac vs Koreshkov, Fedor vs King Mo, Fedor vs Lashley. Luke Rockhold vs Rashad Evans, Luke Rockhold vs A. Silva. Rumble vs Jones, Rory Mac vs Lima. MVP vs Ward. Rumble vs JDS, GSP vs Woodley.


    I see Jason Floyd wants to see Douglas Lima vs Rory MacDonald, well, you may get your wish there because as usual, Douglas Lima is injured once again after yet another fight. So now, once again, he is holding the belt hostage again because of another injury.

    • Jason Floyd

      My understanding is the plan all along was for Lima to wait for MacDonald to be ready to go, which is expected to be in the summer.


    Well, nice try by Bellator to spin that. But in Douglas Lima, Bellator has a once year fighter. It was a miracle he fought twice last year. And he still has ZERO takedown defense.