Rizin has requested the assistance of the ABC in training there officials

Japan based mixed martial arts promotion Rizin has requested the assistance of the Association on Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) to train there officals and they will be in attendance at the officials training in California in two weeks.

The announcement of Rizin requesting this assistance was announced by ABC President Mike Mazzulli in a press release on Wednesday.

In the press release announcing Rizin attendance at the upcoming official training in California, Rizin Foreign Affairs Director Shingo Kashiwagi explained why they are seeking help from the ABC.

“The regulations and safety measures in Japan are several years behind the United States,” Kashiwagi stated.

Rizin plans to send a translator and official to the upcoming ABC officials training on January 22 in order to begin the dialogue of following the ABC Minimum Standard Rules for MMA.

The ABC is currently partnering with multiple states to hold regional trainings enabling each area of the country to send its officials for uniform training and refreshers. Mazzulli hopes Commissions and officials will work with the ABC to obtain the Gold Standard in training in order to enhance the safety and welfare in both boxing and MMA.