Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another episode of “The MMA Report Preview Podcast” and they preview this weekend’s UFC 209 and Bellator 174.

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3 Responses


    This is my pre-Bellator 174 thought. It seems like it a regular occurrence with Bellator that every time when it appears Bellator can gain any type of momentum something happens in the negative to put a halt to that. Things like the Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 fight performance, and Kimbo Slice passing away before the Bellator London card, and something like Alexis Dufresne getting a surprising upset over Marloes Coenen only to be spoiled because Alexis Dufresne missed weight by five pounds so nothing good could come out of it. Something like Joe Taimanglo upsetting Darrion Caldwell, which was spoiled by Joe Taimanglo missing weight by five pounds. Then that is followed up by Matt Mitrione pulling himself from the possibly biggest fight of the year for Bellator just hours before his fight. And that is immediately followed up by the home crowd guy Chris Fields pulling himself from his fight against Liam McGeary a week later. And this Bellator 174 card gets destroyed by Joe Taimanglo missing weight yet again to have his fight cancelled and Mike Rhodes missing weight as well causing his fight to be cancelled instead of Mike Rhodes being smart enough to only agree to a Catchweight fight contract in the first place being that he was a last minute replacement. I am a Bellator fan and a MMA fan and this stuff is such a regular occurrence with Bellator that it is very disappointing and frustrating as a fan.


    Julia Budd has been the absolutely the most boring female fighter in Bellator during the Scott Coker era. Granted, it is not her job to change what she does, it’s her opponent’s job. I really cannot stand watch her fights because she is god awful boring. Bellator 174 televised portion was just a bunch of squash matches before the Fernando Gonzalez vs Brandon Gritz fight, which was totally entertaining. But as usual with Bellator, an exciting fight gets spoiled by some awful scorecards. Then Julia Budd follows that up with another one of her typical snooze-fest fight performances in Bellator. Shame on Marloes Coenen because she fought like she a fighter who was quitting and of course, she did post fight. Bellator 174 televised portion was just awful. And I could not even get the Bellator 174 prelims on my Bellator APP. There is no excuse for that.


    Oh by the way, as I stated before, something always happens to keep Bellator from gaining any type of momentum. At Bellator 174, Julia Budd becomes the Bellator Featherweight Champion, but Alexis Dufresne goes out and promptly gets finished by Gabby Holloway. So now there is no Bellator Women’s Featherweight number one contender out there. This has become such a regular type occurrence with Bellator that it is no longer surprising. Congratulations to Gabby Holloway, I believe she is the first African American female fighter to win a fight in the Bellator Scott Coker era.