Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another episode of “The MMA Report Preview Podcast” and they preview this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 106.

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2 Responses


    I could not believe the indecisiveness of that female referee in that Joe Soto vs Rani Yahya fight. That was pathetic watching her indecisiveness of telling the fighters to stop and then letting them keep fighting and then trying to get them to stop fighting. Just pathetic. And what was that totally unprofessional BS that Joe Soto pulled at the end of that round by getting up by pressing his knee on Rani Yahya chest while pressing his hand all over Rani Yahya’s face and then chest. That is straight garbage and totally uncalled for. Then watching the unprofessional Rani Yahya being so unconditioned that he gassed in the 3rd round. That was ridiculous. There is a standard that is expected of a professional athlete and being out of conditioned to be gassed before their athletic event is completed shows a level of totally unprofessionalism. And that draw between Bethe Correia and Marion Reneau is squarely on the shoulders of Bethe Correia. She has to do more in the 3rd round other than taking a AW. Defensively, Bethe Correia offered nothing in the 3rd round. And at this point, Vitor Belfort is just stealing checks from the UFC (lol).

    • Jason Floyd

      Daniel and I pretty much touch on everything you mention on the post fight podcast, which is now available.