UFC 217 saw three new MMA champions crowned and at the beginning of this week’s podcast, Jason is joined by Daniel Galvan to recap the fight card. Plus, they recap Bellator 186 and discuss what’s next for the winners of both events.

Up next is LFA lightweight champion Robert Watley (38:36) , who will make his first title defense on Friday in the main event of LFA 27 as he’s challenged by Daryl Wilson. Following the interview with Watley, Jason previews the fight card that will air live on AXS TV.

Then, Jason switches his attention to Alaska Fighting Championships as he’s joined by Niko Novelli (58:06) and Dom Meriweather (1:11:15). Novelli and Meriweather will face off in the main event of Alaska Fighting Championship 135 on November 15. The guys preview their fights and following both of these interviews, Jason talks about the current state of UFC Fight Pass and the cost to be a UFC fan in 2017.

The next interview is with undefeated northeast fighter Richie Santiago (1:31:24), who returns next week at CES MMA 47. Santiago talks about his fight against Shawn Mack and his whole as a broadcaster with Cage Titans. Speaking of CES MMA 47, Jason previews the fight card that will air on AXS TV next week and tells you which fight is the main event of the fight card.

And in the final interview, Jason chats with Daniel Madrid (1:43:18) about his fight next week in Arizona at Iron Boy Promotions. Along with talking about the fight, Madrid talks about his daytime job and the perception some people have about MMA fighters. Finally, Jason wraps up the podcast by telling you about this weekend’s MMA and don’t forget to check out the preview podcast for UFC Fight Night 120 on Friday.

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11 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    The Bellator heavyweight tournament sucks. There’s no Kharitonov, Kongo, Lashley. Instead like half of them are lhw. I’m really disappointed.

    And when the hell will Bellator stop doing tape delay…

    Phill Davis has had 6 fights in Bellator. Wasn’t his contract 6 fights? Or does that 2 fights he had in the tournament count as one?

    What are the fights you wanna see in the heavyweight grand prix?

    Fedor vs Nelson, Mir vs Mitrione, Bader vs Mo, and Rampage vs Sonnen. That’s the fights I wanna see.

    • Jason Floyd

      We will answer your questions on today’s preview podcast, which should be available for download around 12:30p ET.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        What 2 reserve fights you wanna see? And you didn’t answer what match ups you wanna see in the first round of the GP?

      • Jason Floyd

        I mentioned the fight I think they should make to maximize viewers. Plus, we mentioned match making for Sonnen in the opening round. In terms of reserve fights, I would look at rematch of Ayala vs. Kharitonov and Wren vs. Sakai.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        I hate that all these guys except for Bader are all really old and past their prime. What do you think about the 8 fighters Bellator selected? At least have some young guns like Fortune and Ayala…

  2. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I think the reason why Rampage didn’t return to the UFC. Is because that BS contract he signed with the UFC while he was still under contract with Bellator. It was under the previous UFC ownership.

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      Also because he’s fat and outta shape now. I don’t think he even trained at all for his last fight. He was prolly eating wings, donuts, and drinking beer all day lol.

  3. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Jon Jones is gonna get a free pass because UFC really needs him and is protecting him. I except him to get a slap on the wrist. McGregor will get a small fine. And Anderson Silva will prolly get a 3 yr suspension.

  4. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Do you know who the free agent Ariel is talking about as surprise guest? I have a feeling we are all gonna be disappointed. it’s prolly not a big name or is a big name past his prime.

    • Jason Floyd

      I do not know the fighter Ariel is teasing, but I will say this. I hope it’s not a 40+ year old fighter coming out of retirement to fight in Bellator.

  5. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Fighters on steroids shouldn’t fight in the UFC. They should fight in Japan, Russia, and Poland. If you wanna cheat go fight in one of those places.