The MMA Report Podcast: Andre Soukhamthath, Louis Smolka, Westin Wilson and Hilarie Rose

Andre SoukhamthathThis week on The MMA Report Podcast, Jason and Daniel give their thoughts on what’s going on in mixed martial arts and Jason has interviews with Andre Soukhamthath, Louis Smolka, Westin Wilson and Hilarie Rose.

At the start of this week’s show, Jason tells you about the drug test results and medical suspensions for Bellator 207, which took place earlier this month in Connecticut. Up next, Jason and Daniel discuss the Instagram post by Conor McGregor about his thoughts about his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

After their discussion on McGregor’s social media post, the guys hit on what happened at PFL 10 and the upcoming PFL 11 card on New Years Eve in New York City. Then it’s on to the interview portion of the show as you will hear Jason’s conversations with Andre Soukhamthath, Louis Smolka, Westin Wilson and Hilarie Rose.

Following the interviews, Jason and Daniel preview this weekend’s UFC Fight Night card in Canada and wrap up the show by discussing whether or not we will see former Bellator and ONE Championship champion Ben Askren fight in the UFC in the next six months.

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27 Responses

  1. Money Super Fights

    When Ben Askren signed with ONE I saw them as the 3rd biggest MMA promotion. Then ONE recently signed Eddie Alvarez and I thought if they signed a few more big names they’d compete with Bellator for the number 2 spot. Now a trade involving UFC and ONE, Mighty Mouse for Ben Askren. That’s a game changer. ONE is no joke and they aren’t playing around. Do you think we’ll see more trades now in MMA after the first ever? Also those 2 articles about ONE’s financials how much does this change/ improve it?

    • Jason Floyd

      Would it be interesting to see more MMA trades? Of course it would, just not sure how realistic it’s to say this will be a new thing in the sport. In terms of ONE Financial articles out there, doesn’t paint a great picture. Adding Alvarez and Johnson are great moves, but the question is can the promotion make money off those fighters?

  2. Money Super Fights

    Mighty Mouse recently said he’d love to fight in Bellator, ONE, and Rizin to be champion in all three. Sorta be a belt collector everywhere. Now that might become somewhat of a reality.

    What do you think of this (fantasy trade) between UFC and Bellator Jason? Diaz bros, Overeem, Woodley, Cyborg for Danis, Gallagher, Kharitonov, Shlemenko, Carvalho?

      • Money Super Fights

        Let me redo that. I got a little too excited thinking about trades in MMA. I’ve been thinking about what if trades happened and was hoping for it for the last couple of years. so what about this ? Rockhold, Overeem, Diaz bros Cyborg, Woodley in exchange for Daley, Chandler,Danis, Gallagher, Carvahlo Shlemenko, Kharitonov,

      • Jason Floyd

        From the UFC side on this proposed fantasy trade, this does not interest me. Carvalho and Shlemenko would not interest me.

  3. Money Super Fights

    Why I said the first trade was because the Diaz bros and Woodley don’t like how they are being treated by the UFC. And the UFC hates dealing with them. Also Cyborg and Overeem have 1 more fight on their contracts after their next fight.

  4. Money Super Fights

    Someone on the Luke Thomas show suggested this trade. Pico and Bader for Overeem. That makes no sense. Why would Bellator give up 2 of their best fighters for a washed up old fighter. The trades I mentioned to you yesterday make much more sense. Maybe if it was Pico and Bader for Overeem and shogun would be better. But if I’m Bellator I would still say no deal.

    • Money Super Fights

      Overeem and Shogun for Pico and Bader is a better deal. But I still don’t think it’s even. UFC would win this trade for sure.

    • Jason Floyd

      No matter what sport you are talking about, there are players you would not move. For Bellator, Aaron Pico is the one fighter I would not move.

  5. Money Super Fights

    What do you think about these trades Jason? Chandler, Daley, Pico, MVP, Bader, and Fedor for Lawler, Rockhold, Aldo, Rothwell, Overeem, and Cyborg?

    • Jason Floyd

      Overall, I think that’s a fairly even deal. Would favor the UFC side in it, but why would Bellator make that? Trade away 2 of your best future stars (Pico and Page) and the face of the promotion (Chandler).

      • Money Super Fights

        You’re right that’s a terrible deal for Bellator. How about this. Pitbull bros, Kharitonov, Primus, n Amosov for Diaz bros, Overeem, n Werdum?

      • Money Super Fights

        I forgot about that. What about this one? JDS, Krylov, Aldo, Lawler, Pettis, Cyborg, Holm, Rockhold, n Woodley. For Ruth, Primus, Amosov, Kharitonov, Danis, Daley, Budd, Chandler, Bader, McGeary, and Fedor?

      • Jason Floyd

        Here’s the reason why this one doesn’t make sense. UFC is in the women’s 145 pound division for one reason: Cris Justino. Why would they want to trade her for Julia Budd? Also, I view Ed Ruth like Aaron Pico. He’s a fighter that you do not let walk away.

      • Money Super Fights

        Ok, take out Cyborg in that deal. Then it’s a pretty fair deal right?

  6. Money Super Fights

    Trade between Rizin and ONE: Gucci for Marat?

    Three way trade between Bellator, KSW, and ACB: Mir to ACB, Shlemenko to KSW, Amir Bari and Askham to Bellator. Georgi K/ Tiger S/ Daniel O to KSW for Mamed K to ACB. What ya think about them trades?

    So KSW gets Shlemenko, Georgi k, Daniel O, Tiger S. ACB gets Mir n Mamed K. Bellator gets Bari n Askham.

    What trades would you like to see Jason in MMA?

    • Jason Floyd

      Would not see Bellator or KSW being interested in that.

      In terms of trades that interest me, nothing completely comes to my mind at this time.

  7. Money Super Fights

    Steven Moron is saying several Bellator events on Paramount Network did under 300k viewers. Only 1 did and it was Bellator 197 which the main event had a last min replacement. This guy is so full of shit. I wish MMA reporting/ media was fair n accurate. It’s a damn shame it’s not.

    • Jason Floyd

      I saw the piece you are referencing. The reality is MMA television ratings are in decline. I think there is multiple factors for this.

  8. Money Super Fights

    Ariel Helwani is such a UFC puppet.. I think it was during the MLB tade deadline he said he would trade Mark Hunt and a fight pass fighter to be named later for Daley n Budd. Now he says he would like to see Nate Diaz get traded for Fedor n Chandler. He calls it a win win. I call it insanely one sided in favor of UFC. Like it always is when Ariel does these trades between UFC and Bellator. Now if it was Chandler n Fedor for Nate Diaz n Woodley or Chandler for Rockhold. That would be a win win.

    • Money Super Fights

      Actually it was during the NBA trade deadline. One of the people responded they’d like to see Artem for Rory and Pico. Another said Jon Jones for Chandler, Gallagher, Pico, MVP. When people talk about UFC and Bellator trades. It’s always massively one sided in favor of the UFC and Bellator getting absolutely robbed.

      • Jason Floyd

        I am not sure trading MMA contracts is a thing that will stick in the sport. If it does, going to make things very interesting.