Shane Campbell previews 165 pound bout against Dawond Pickney at Unified MMA 39

Shane Campbell will meet Dawond Pickney in a 165 pound bout at Unified MMA 39 and he speaks with Jason Floyd of The MMA Report about the matchup.

One Response

  1. Jake Lindsey

    Look nothing against Shane but as the current Super Light weight champion of Unified MMA I feel this fight is kind of ridiculous. After I won the belt from Pat pylik I called out a fight vs Shane. So I have been bugging Unified for a fight since and nothing has came to, They offered me this fight vs Shane and the only thing that was off was the pay was so low (lower than under card fights on the same card, lower than both guys I had previously beaten on he same card) They said take it or leave it and because I wanted to fight Shane so bad and because I wanted to defend the title and be active I accepted. Then I was informed that they felt like Shane needed a tune up fight and he got the Deawond fight. I had such dreams for us Shane:(