Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Show” and they discuss what happened this past weekend at UFC Fight Night 94 and Bellator 161.

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9 Responses


    Jason Floyd, unlike Daniel Galvan, I actually think Bellator has some nice heavyweight talent. Bobby Lashley, Augusto Sakai, Dan Charles, Cheick Kongo, Justin Wren, and Chris Gormley are some talented heavyweights. And add in Matt Mitrione, and Sergei Kharitonov in the mix, Bellator has some solid heavyweights. Bellator’s Bantamweight division can really use some fresh young prospects.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    Real soon Shane Carwin and Fedor will be coming to Bellator IMO. So Bellator’s HW division will be much better then. But they really need to work on their BW division.

    Btw Daniel is wrong. Under the new regime Bellator has done a way better job signing prospects and big names than the old one. The new regime have signed world class wrestlers and rising prospects such as: Aj McKee, Chris Honeycutt, Fortune, Pico, Ed Ruth, Baby Slice, Chidi Njokuani, Gaston Reyno, Zack Rosol, Yankova, Lena O, etc.

    Plus their attendance, gate, and ratings have increased massively.

    Ed Saores thinks his promotion is the college football of MMA LMFAO. This guy has a massive ego. He thinks Bellator is the Canadian football of MMA lol. I do agree that the UFC is like the NFL. But I think LFA is like Triple A baseball and Bellator is like the MLB.

    Jason, do you think Bellator will ever give Lashley a big name opponent? I think they are gonna keep giving him cans to crush.

    • Jason Floyd

      This is the thing about the fighters you mention for the most part: They are really unknowns on what they will be able to do inside a MMA cage (Pico, Fortune, Ruth, Slice). The ceiling in high for Pico, Fortune and Ruth. Just going to take time to see if they can leave up to the expectations that are currently placed on them.

      Yes you are correct about attendance and gate being up but here is something you have to consider when discussing attendance and gates being up: Their budget is WAY HIGHER than the previous regime. I know people will call me bias since I do a podcast with Sam Caplan, but Viacom NEVER gave the previous regime the kind of money they have given the new regime.

      Ed Soares has done a great job with RFA since becoming the president of that company. Numbers do not lie. RFA and Legacy get the most fighters to the UFC and that number will grow even more with the merger of the two companies. You have to understand that for a majority of fighters, they are just not interested in going to Bellator and being contracted to a multi-year deal (typically three years it seems). An issue that some fighters have about going to Bellator is that if they are not guaranteed to be on the main card, they do not want to be stuck on the prelims where viewership is very low and extremely tough to make good sponsorship money.

      I expect after Lashley’s next fight and saying that he wins, that Bellator will book him against a big name heavyweight they have under contract.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        Bjorn Rebney didn’t wanna spend that much money under the previous regime. He was being very cheap. Except for paying guys like Rampage and Tito a ton of money.

        Do you agree with me that Fedor and Carwin are headed to Bellator real soon? I think they will be part of their tournament early next yr.

      • Jason Floyd

        If old regime had the budget that new regime currently has, they may have been able to land some of the prospects they attempted to sign.

        I expect Shane Carwin to end up in Bellator soon and likely the Fedor Emelianenko deal will happen soon as well. I am guessing the Carwin deal gets done quicker than Fedor deal, even though after watching Fedor’s fight with Fabio Maldonado, just not sure if he should still be fighting.

  3. Hardcore MMA fan

    Imo both of them should be retired. Shane Carwin has a fucked up back. And Fedor has been thru so many wars. I think he should retire before he has damages his brain. If he hasn’t already. But that’s the fighters decision and their life. I’m just a concerned fan as are you Jason.


    Ed Soares, UFC is like the NFL and Bellator is like the CFL and his Legacy/RFA organization is like college football is not a slap in the face to Bellator at all. I watch the CFL and the CFL is thriving. The Ottawa Red Blacks just cane into the CFL two years ago with a nice brand new stadium and was in the CFL Grey Cup game last year and will be hosting the CFL Grey Cup, I believe this year. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers just built a beautiful new stadium a couple of years ago that ESPN’s Chris Berman affectionately nicknamed THE DONUT, and Toronto Argonauts just opened up BEMO FIELD this year and Saskatchewan Rough Riders will move into a new stadium next season and Saskatchewan has always had a great following. So what people may interpret as a disrespectful comment about Bellator from Ed Soares, truly is not a put down of Bellator. The CFL is thriving and now that Sumner Redstone has gotten rid of Philippe Dauman, Bellator under Viacom looks to headed in a nice direction as well. Jason Floyd, keep up the great work on your site.


    Jason Floyd, Sam Caplan, and Daniel Galvan, enough with this Fedor should retire talk because of you all opinion he could get hurt in the UFC garbage. All of you are totally choosing to ignore the elephant in the room with Alistair Overeem. Overeem has been knocked out, turned off, at least four times in the UFC in recent years by Big Foot Silva, by Travis Browne, and by Ben Rothwell and none of you showed any concern for his health or his continued fighting in the UFC. And with his last fight, another knocked out, turned off result, where are you all concern for Alistair Overeem to stop fighting? You may not want to see Fedor fight because of you all concern for his health, but be consistent when there is a obvious elephant in the room with Alistair Overeem.