The MMA Report Post Fight Show: Bellator 162 Edition

Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Show” and they discuss what happened this past weekend at Bellator 162.

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8 Responses


    You two are so consistent about not wanting to see Fedor Emelianenko fight again and preaching about if he fights someone legitimate that he will get hurt. But at the same time, you two don’t speak at all about fearing for Alistair Overeem or Big Foot Silva fighting again. Fedor has not been knocked out consistently the way that Alistair Overeem and Big Foot Silva has. And when Alistair Overeem and Big Foot Silva get knocked out, they have been actually turned off, unconscious laying in the cage. I don’t know if it is just you two natural bias against Fedor Emelianenko because he never fought in the UFC, and you two keep thinking that Alistair Overeem and Big Foot Silva can turn it around by just giving them some opponents that they can beat because you two have seen more of them because they are and were both in the UFC, but concerned about them as well and not just the same preaching sermon on Fedor Emelianenko’s health.

    • Jason Floyd

      I have previously stated that I am not comfortable seeing Bigfoot continue to fight and I hope that someone around him should be having that conversation with him, but I am guessing you forget me saying that.

      • RODNEY P

        Apparently, I have forgotten you being concerned about Big Foot Silva, so my bad on that. But still apparently you are not concerned about Alistair Overeem, got knocked out three fights in a row, by being actually turned off knocked out, goes on a three fight winning streak, only to get knocked out by the UFC Champion. I don’t really care about Fedor Emelianenko one way or the other, but the consistency of always talking about being concerned for him and not talking about being concerned from someone like Alistair Overeem, who has been knocked out four times in recent years, is just perplexing.


    On Bellator 162, I felt Julia Budd lost through and through. Yes, she got takedowns in each round, but in the first, it happened with one minute left in the round and she did absolutely nothing with it, in a round she was losing for four minutes of the round. In round three Julia Budd was losing at distance got a takedown, went for a submission and got reversed, but I guess the judges don’t count stuff like that when the fighter is a Bellator underdog. Julia Budd is just what she is a non evolved MMA fighter, no more or no less. At least she tried to do some stand up. I for one, do not think the cheater Alexander Shlemenko should be next in line for a title shot, let him fight Chris Honeycutt so we can all see Alexander Shlemenko go to sleep again in the Bellator cage. I would give the title shot to John Salter first. But I understand the ratings aspect of everything by wanting to have that Melvin Manhoef vs The Cheater Alexander Shlemenko in a grudge match. I hate the idea of a heavyweight tournament, but I understand it. Bobby Lashley vs Justin Wren, Matt Mitrione vs Vinicius Queiroz, Cheick Kongo vs Augusto Sakai, and Sergei Kharitonov vs Virgil Zwicker or someone like that. Just get a Bellator Heavyweight Champion crowned. I still have no idea why Ryan Couture fighter IQ level was that low against Goiti Yamauchi. Hisaki Kato fought a good fight, and again when things weren’t going that great for a fighter, here comes a eye poke. I think that eye poke really helped Hisaki Kato. Now with that being stated, a next matchup for Hisaki Kato would be against someone like Ben Reiter or Francisco France next. Bellator 162 was a good card. And it was a event that we as viewers got in and out with no long winded advertisements and empty space between fights, just the way a sporting event should be, in and out.


    By the way, Jason Floyd, Jameis Winston growth as a NFL quarterback is coming along nicely. Unlike the growth of the quarterbacks in Jacksonville, Blake Bortles, and Miami, Ryan Tannehill.


    Daniel Galvan, if you want to know what type of quarterback Brock Osweiler is, just check out the type of quarterback he was at Arizona State. There he was another inconsistent quarterback, he just happened to be tall. So I don’t know why anyone in the NFL is surprised by what they are seeing with Brock Osweiler. He is what he is, a consistently inconsistent quarterback.

  5. Jim G.

    You guys are talking about seeing some Bellator 162 fights that they didn’t broadcast to my knowledge. How were you guys able to see the non-main card fights that weren’t aired during the live prelim stream before the main card? I don’t think they have done a “postlim” stream in a long time, nor do they post the fights on