Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Podcast” and they discuss what happened this past weekend at UFC on FOX 22 and Bellator 169.

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12 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Do you know what fight will headline Bellator 171? Will it be Lashley who headlines it?

    Will the year end Rizin FF events be aired on Spike? Or maybe be shown sometime in January?

    Out of these fantasy fights who do you think would win:
    Fedor vs King Mo? Cerrone vs Larkin?
    Lesnar vs Fedor? Carwin vs Cro Cop? MVP vs Ward?
    Woodley vs Lombard? Lesnar vs Manhoef?
    Rockhold vs Evans? Rumble vs JDS?
    Cain vs Jones? Cyborg vs Holm? Shlemenko vs Larkin?

    • RODNEY P

      Hardcore MMA Fan, gives us your take on who would win those matchups you are asking Jason Floyd about. It would be a interesting read.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        My picks would be: King Mo, Cerrone, Lesnar over Fedor, Lesnar over Manhoef, Rumble. Larkin over Shlemenko, Cyborg, Woodley over Lombard. Jon Jones, Cro Cop, MVP, Rockhold.

        Wbu Rodney?


    I do not blame the UFC for trying to strike while the iron is hot by headlining Paige VanZant in a main event, but I blame the UFC for matching Paige VanZant up against a fighter with twice the experience as Paige VanZant, in terms of fights going in, 9 fights compared to Michelle Waterson’s 17 fights, on top of that Michelle Waterson is a former Invicta FC Atomweight Champion. There is no reason to rush Paige VanZant, no matter how much she feels that limelight is made for her. Paige VanZant is comparable to Anastasia Yankova in Bellator, in that both are young and both are popular because of their looks. But Bellator is doing a slow build with Anastasia Yankova by matching her up against fighters with similar level of experience as she has. And that makes for good matchups and it is a good way to measure progress. The UFC should and actually could do the same thing with Paige VanZant if they wanted to. As far as Sage Northcutt, well, he just lost to another inexperienced MMA fighter, who has sloppy to zero stand up striking and his only offense is paramount on getting a takedown. Sage Northcutt, from my understanding, is still a full time student at Texas A&M, so all the regurgitating of saying he needs to change camps just doesn’t apply because it’s not like Texas A&M is going to get up and move. Sage Northcutt, to me is just another MMA fighter who lost a fight and nothing else. It’s sports, it happens. Back to Paige VanZant, I think she needs to get away from that cookie cutter mentality Team Alpha Male Gym. Each fighter brings different skill sets to the table, but Team Alpha Male Gym fighters fight the same way, no matter what type of fighting style their opponents may have and that is not a good plan to succeed. I wish both Paige VanZant and Sage Northcutt well in their future MMA careers.


    Hardcore MMA Fan, you have some out of weight class matchups there, but let me give it a try with the picks I would make. Fedor Emelianenko over Brock Lesnar because Fedor Emelianenko has more weapons in his arsenal than Brock Lesnar and more MMA experience. Brock Lesnar over Melvin Manhoef because Brock Lesnar would rush Melvin Manhoef and take him to the ground. Fedor Emelianenko over King Mo because King Mo has shown a weak chin and has the inability to capitalize on his takedowns, while Fedor Emelianenko has submission skills with his takedowns. Lorenzo Larkin over Donald Cerrone. Cerrone just seems to fail when he steps up to top fighters, which is not a bad thing, it just shows his limitations. Cro Cop over the smallish Shane Carwin I saw against JDS as compared to the one I saw against Brock Lesnar. Brennan Ward over MVP, but that is a total toss up. Tyron Woodley over Hector Lombard because of Hector Lombard’s totally lack of endurance. Luke Rockhold over Rashad Evans because I think Evans biggest opponent would be the weight cut. Rumble over JDS because Anthony Rumble Johnson seems to be a real beast fighting at his more natural weight class and he goes into a fight no longer fighting his opponent and his weight cut. Jon Jones over Cain Velasquez, but that is another toss up. Cristiane Cyborg Justino over Holly Holm because Cyborg can actually strike with power and she can go to the ground and do damage as well. And Alexander Shlemenko over Larkin because of Shlemenko’s unexpected body shots.

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      The reason why I said Lesnar vs Manhoef. Was bc Manhoef Ko’d Hunt. But Lesnar would destroy Manhoef. And I said some other ones were out of weight class. These are fantasy bookings bro lol.

      How about these fights:
      Lesnar vs Lashley? DC vs Davis? Rockhold vs A. Silva?
      Fedor vs Lashley? Jon Jones vs Rumble? Rory Mac vs Lima? Rory Mac vs Koreshkov? Rory Mac vs Daley? Kharitonov vs Mitrione?
      Rampage vs McGeary? Rampage vs Sakara? Rampage vs Kharitonov? Rampage vs Davis? Fedor vs Kongo?


    Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar in a MMA match would be a ratings dream. That would be a total toss up. Brock Lesnar would have the weight advantage of about 20 pounds or more from weigh in numbers, but Bobby Lashley has become more of well rounded MMA fighter as compared to Brock Lesnar through the years. I would favor Bobby Lashley because of his fighting pace and he is a MMA fighter who can actually wrestle with Brock and Bobby Lashley does seem to have better stand up striking as compared to Brock Lesnar. Daniel Cormier vs Davis? Who is Davis? I would favor a motivated Anderson Silva over Luke Rockhold, but I would favor Luke Rockhold over a clown show acting Anderson Silva. I would favor Bobby Lashley over Fedor Emelianenko, and that would be a big ratings draw for Bellator. I would favor Rory MacDonald over Douglas Lima because Lima just has zero takedown defense. And it would be a toss up to me between Rory MacDonald vs Andrey Koreshkov. I would favor Rory MacDonald over Paul Daley because Paul Daley has shown throughout the years that he just can’t get pass a certain elite level of MMA fighter. Considering Sergei Kharitonov just got knocked out by Javy Eye Candy Ayala, I would favor Matt Mitrione. I would favor Liam McGeary over Rampage Jackson because that reach would hurt Rampage Jackson. I would favor Rampage Jackson over Alsseio Sakara in a knockout seeking fight by both fighters. I would favor Rampage Jackson over Sergei Kharitonov, but I think it would be a up against the cage type fight. I would favor Phil Davis over Rampage Jackson because of the takedowns. I would favor Fedor Emelianenko over Cheick Kongo in another fight that would draw big ratings for Bellator. I would favor Anthony Rumble Johnson over Jon Jones because of Jon Jones long layoff. But normally I would favor Jon Jones. Now I get it, Daniel Cormier vs Davis, Phil Davis. I would favor Daniel Cormier over Phil Davis, and I think that would be a exciting grinding type fight.

  5. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Fedor vs Carwin would be another big ratings draw for Bellator. That would be a toss up. But I would prolly go with Fedor by KO.

    Rodney, what are your top fights of 2016 for UFC and Bellator? Mine would be: Diaz vs McGregor both fights. Lawler vs Condit. Lombard vs Magny. Hendo vs Lombard. Swanson vs Choi. Chandler vs Bendo. Lima vs Daley. Bisping vs Hendo II. Arlovski vs Barnett. Mitrione vs Thompson.

    • RODNEY P

      After seeing the body transformation of Shane Carwin from his fight against Brock Lesnar to the muscular smaller and weight lighter for his fight against Junior Dos Santos, where he looked awful, I can see no way he could beat Fedor Emelianenko. Top fight in Bellator in 2016 entertainment wise for me was the Anastasia Yankova vs Veta Arteaga fight. Those two women went to war and gave us fans some great entertainment. Next in Bellator would be for me Saad Awaad vs Derek Anderson fight, the submission attempts, the escapes, the stand up striking, that was a great fight and great entertainment. And another in Bellator in 2016 for me was Ruthless Rebecca Ruth vs Lena Ovchynnikova, that was a fight filled with throws, hard punches, Rebecca Ruth hair coming undone and looking vicious like The Predator and Lena Ovchynnikova not quitting on herself and digging deep to make a fight of it. In the UFC it would be Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit, which a brutal fight and Connor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 with the back and forth nature of that fight and the Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson fight which was a fight neither of them backed down.

  6. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Happy Holidays Rodney. I hope you have a nice place to live. I saw you say your house got burned down. Did anything not get burned or all your stuff is gone?

    • RODNEY P

      Our house is no longer livable and we lost all of our possessions. What we were left with was what was on our back at 2:45 a.m. when the fire started. Since then family and friends have help us with clothing, and necessities like simple things like a toothbrush, and toothpaste, and brushes and combs. I am focused on 2017 and getting back into our home and I am tunnel vision on that.