Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Podcast” and they discuss what happened on Saturday night in Inglewood, California at Bellator 170.

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27 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Chael Sonnen said this was Bellator’s first full sell out. No it wasn’t. They have sold out events many times before. And this wasn’t a sell out. It had 13k attendance and over a million gate. The highest attendance was Bellator 149 which was 14,209. They’ve had over 10k attendance and over a million gate 10 times since Scott Coker took over.

    Btw I know this is off topic kinda, but WSOF NYC wasn’t a sell out. They said it was, but they didn’t sell anything. They gave 5k free tickets to fill up the place. Nobody called them out for that tho.

    • Jason Floyd

      I saw those comments from Sonnen. I remember being at a Mohegan show and while I was waiting for my credential, the box office was turning people away for tickets. I believe it was the Rampage fight.

      In terms of your comments on WSOF NYC card, I’ve had conversations about that subject in the MMA community. One of the biggest complaints I have heard from people in MMA business is WSOF labeling it a show at MSG. But the truth is the show was at The Theatre at MSG. Major difference.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        It’s bad to have Chael Sonnen talk all the time. Bc he lies so much. And it sometimes make Bellator look bad. But they do a good job of making themselves look bad anyway.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        Bellator always sells out the Mohegan Sun arena. Plus the last two times they went to Italy it was sell outs.

        The LA Forum holds 17k. The attendance for Bellator 170 was 13k and 1.1 million gate. Highest attendance was Bellator (149) 14,209 and 1.4 million gate.

      • Jason Floyd

        The capacity of The Forum is 17k, but that does not necessarily mean the building was scales for 17k on Saturday. For instance, Mohegan Sun Arena capacity is 10k, but Bellator events there are scaled between 7-8k.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        Mohegan Sun Arena is scaled for 8-9k. Most of the time it’s scaled to the capacity of the arena tho. When they do cage and ring, they scale it back.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        MSA is scaled between 7-9k* But most of the arena’s they have it to capacity I would think.

        I don’t like Rampage vs King Mo 2. I rather have seen them do Rampage vs Sakara or Rampage vs Zwicker.

        I hope they do Zwicker vs Sakara next.

        Any news on Lashley’s next fight and against who?

      • Jason Floyd

        Something to remember against Rampage is that this is the last fight on his current Bellator contract. For me, I like the decision to book the rematch against King Mo.

        The only concern about a potential Zwicker vs. Sakara fight would be if Zwicker wants to compete at light heavyweight. Remember, his last fight was at heavyweight.

        In terms of Lashley, I have not heard anything concrete to report on at this time.


    JASON FLOYD, nice Bellator 170 Post Show. Brennan Ward has failed miserably against every step up type opponent he has faced in Bellator. He was 4-0 at welterweight beating pretty much over matched opponents, then Bellator matched Brennan Ward up against a past his prime Evangelista Santos and Brennan Ward taps out in less than 30 seconds. So Bellator gives him Saad Awaad, a lightweight, who was a undersized opponent for Brennan Ward, and Brennan Ward knocked him out. And once again Bellator gives Brennan Ward a step up opponent and he gets finished early. I like Brennan Ward, but there has to simply come a time that Brennan Ward has to beat a step up opponent. Brennan Ward, like David The Caveman Rickels, are great ticket sellers for their area of the country, and both are exciting fighters as long as they get matched up against over matched opponents. I truly hope Brennan Ward is okay and comes back strong. QUESTION: WHAT TYPE OF OPPONENTS WOULD YOU MATCH UP BRENNAN WARD AGAINST IN BELLATOR? WOULD IT BE MATCHING HIM UP AGAINST FIGHTERS ON ONE FIGHT CONTRACTS FOR THE TWO OR THREE FIGHTS TO BUILD HIM BACK UP? Also, I found it comical reading Michael Chandler’s tweet about Derek Campos after Derek Campos victory over Derek Anderson and even after Derek Campos was calling for the winner of Brent Primus and Adam Piccoloti. That tweet made it crystal clear that Michael Chandler knew he had no opponent in front of him and he was just calling out anyone. Pure comedy.

    • Jason Floyd

      We will have to see what type of medical suspension that Brennan Ward receives from the California State Athletic Commission. I would expect the minimum to be 90 days, but could be as high as 180 days. In terms of future opponents, I think Rickey Rainey makes sense at this time.

  3. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I really hope they replace Sean Grande with Mike Goldberg. Bc Sean Grande is the worst. And have Sean Grande host best of and countdown shows. But I highly doubt Bellator would do that tho.

    • Jason Floyd

      It would make a lot of sense to bring in Mike Goldberg, since a lot of casual fans are use to hearing his voice on UFC broadcast. Ultimately, that is a decision that would be make by Scott Fishman of Spike.

  4. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I just hope that Rampage vs King Mo 2 won’t be a boring fight like the first one. But it might be.

  5. Hardcore MMA Fan

    What do you think of allegations that Tito vs Chael was a fixed or worked fight? Ppl always think Bellator’s legends fight are fixed for some reason.

  6. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Dave Meltzer is saying that Kimbo vs Dada peaked at 2.5 million and Gracie vs Shamrock peaked at 2.4 million. He’s wrong. Kimbo vs Dada peaked at 2.7 million and Gracie vs Shamrock 2.6 million. And Kimbo vs Shamrock was 2.4 million peak not 2.3 million peak.

    I hate when most ppl in the media don’t really research the things that they are reporting. So fucking unprofessional…

    They prolly do it on purpose bc they all work for the UFC.. But pretend to be MMA fans/ reporters.

  7. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I was looking for UFC on Fox 23 post on here. But I couldn’t find it. So I’m just gonna ask you on here. Why did Lombard vs Tavares get cancelled? Fox 23 was really stacked IMO. Now not as much. That main card was prolly top 5 maybe top 3 all time. (UFC On Fox)

    The UFC went with Hendricks instead of Tavares. Is this the last fight on Lombard’s contract or something?

    • Jason Floyd

      Never heard an exact reason on cancelation of Lombard vs. Tavares. On his contract, not sure on his current deal.

  8. Hardcore MMA Fan

    What are your top 5 favorite TV shows?

    What trades do you want the magic to make before the deadline?

    Superbowl pick?

    • Jason Floyd

      Top TV shows for me and in no particular order: Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, NCIS: LA, Entourage and The Wire.

      When it comes to the Magic, it’s pretty obvious they are going to move Nikola Vucevic at some point. Not sure I agree with that move. When they move him, I hope they can at least get a 1st round draft pick.

      Superbowl Pick: Atlanta