Former Bellator light heavyweight champion Liam McGeary will return to competition on Friday in Belfast, Northern Ireland as he will meet Brett McDermott in the main event of Bellator 173.

McGeary (11-1) was initially scheduled to meet Chris Fields on this fight card, but Fields was forced to pull out of the event due to injury and Bellator announced that Vladimir Filipovic was stepping up on five days notice to face McGeary. However, Bellator announced today that Filipovic was removed from the fight card due to visa issues and McDermott is taking the fight on 48 hours notice.

During last week’s episode of “The MMA Report Podcast,” McGeary was a guest on the podcast to talk about returning at Bellator on Friday and how he is looking to fight at Bellator 179 in London later this year.

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  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Isn’t Matt Secor under contract with Bellator? He just got booked for a fight on the WSOF 35 card.

    I think Lashley will fight Oli Thompson at Bellator 179. I really hope not tho.

    • Jason Floyd

      Not sure about the contract situation with Matt Secor, but I will look into it. On Lashley, Javy Ayala makes sense.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        Matt Secor is on the Bellator website roster page.

        Isn’t UFC’s matching rights with Ryan Bader up? It’s been 2 weeks.

      • Jason Floyd

        The matching period began once Bellator sent the official contract to the UFC. At this time, the 14 days is not up. I expect there will be an announcement this upcoming week.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        I thought it was two weeks as in business days. That would mean 10 days.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        The ? was to I thought 2 weeks meant 10 business days. And doesn’t include weekends. On matching rights to Ryan Bader.

  2. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Did you see Ariel helwani’s tweet? He said that the UFC is asking for more documents. They keep on stalling so they delay him signing with Bellator. WTF… Dana even said he’s free to go and that they wouldn’t match.

    • Jason Floyd

      Yes, I did see his tweet. By the UFC requesting more documents on the complete contract offer to Ryan Bader, that should tell you that they are considering matching the offer. Saying something in an interview and formally deciding to not match a contract offer are two different things. With the state of the UFC light heavyweight division, I think keeping Bader around would be a good decision for the UFC. However, there could be some clauses in Bader’s contract offer from Bellator that could prohibit the UFC from matching or unwilling to accept those terms.

  3. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Also Scott Coker keeps saying they are talking to Lorenz larkin. How long does it take to get a deal done? What’s taking so long?

  4. Hardcore MMA Fan

    What did you think about the NBA trade deadline? I thought it was the best in years.

    I thought my Lakers could’ve got a better deal for Lou Williams than they got from the Rockets. Hbu?

    Are you suprised the Magic didn’t do another trade?

    • Jason Floyd

      I was somewhat surprised the Celtics did not make a move for a big name with one of their number one picks in next years draft. Not sure the Lakers could have gotten much more and I am not surprised the Magic did not make another move.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        What did you think of the boogie Cousins trade? I thought it was top 3 worst/ one sided trade in NBA history.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        Top 3 most one sided trades in NBA history IMO: Celtics/ Nets, Pelicans/ Kings, and OKC/ Magic. Hbu?

      • Jason Floyd

        Right now, it looks bad. But I think you have to wait another year before deciding how one-sided of a trade it might be. It’s a great trade for New Orleans. Now the key for them is for this not to be a 18 month rental and get him to a long term contract.

  5. Hardcore MMA Fan

    The Kings wanted Brandon Ingram, Lou Williams and first round picks for Boogie. But Lakers refused to put Ingram in the package. Would you have done that deal?

  6. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Will Bellator’s return to London be shown live? And what about the other upcoming international Bellator events?

    What are your top 10 MLB teams heading into the upcoming season?

    • Jason Floyd

      Broadcast details for the upcoming international events have not been released by Bellator or Spike. On your baseball question, I can not accurately answer that question until I begin to read up on the league when I start preparing for my fantasy baseball draft.