On this edition of The MMA Report Podcast, Jason Floyd has interviews with Dave Jansen, Dan Charles, Marloes Coenen and Alexis Dufresne.

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6 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    I can’t believe Bellator 154 did 709k viewers with all the fights that got canceled. And going up against a very good UFC 198 prelims card which did only a little bit more than Bellator.

    Plus Bellator 154 did over 11k attendance and about a million gate. That’s a big win for Bellator considering all the changes to the card.

    I think Bellator is having a conference call for Bellator 155 to announce a series of heavyweight fights to announce a new HW champ. I hope they announce a 4 man heavyweight tournament.

    If they did announce a 4 man HW tourney who would you want to see in it? For me it’s Kongo vs Lashley and Kharitonov vs Sakai.

    Bellator was interested in Overeem and Sterling, but Scott Coker said they overpriced themselves. Scott said they didn’t think what Sterling and Overeem wanted that they were worth it.

    • Jason Floyd

      Majority of your questions I will answer on Thursday podcast, but I will answer one of them here. The conference call on Wednesday is to promote Friday’s card and to give the media the chance to talk to the four fighters in the main and co-main event fights. I expect you will see them do more of this in the future.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    I think and hope Bellator will announce the signing of Jared Rosholt on the 155 broadcast. Since they do have 2 heavyweight fights on the main card. Hbu?

    Bellator will prolly release Minakov real soon if they didn’t already. As they should. If someone doesn’t want to fight for you then why waste everybody’s time. I know they stripped him of the HW title. But his profile was taken down on their website.

    • RODNEY P

      Hardcore MMA Fan, I think it is way past time that Bellator stripped Vitaly Minakov of the Bellator Heavyweight Title. He is under contract with Bellator, he entered the Bellator Heavyweight Tournament being under contract with Bellator, he won the Bellator Heavyweight Tournament, he accepted the check that went along with winning the Bellator Heavyweight Tournament, he accepted the Heavyweight Title Fight by signing the contract to participate in that fight, fully aware that there was a Championship Clause in that contract that would extend his Bellator contract if he were to win the Bellator Heavyweight Title. He won the Bellator Heavyweight Title and even defended it against Cheick Kongo fighting under that Championship Clause. And then out of nowhere, he is unhappy with his contract and choose to act totally unprofessional by not fighting for Bellator anymore. Vitaly Minakov wants to fight for the UFC, but he should have handled his situation with Bellator a lot more professionally than he did.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        I’m not blaming Bellator about the Minakov situation Rodney. I know this is fully on Minakov. He signed the contract that he now regrets. Bc he wants to be in the UFC he’s holding out. But I do blame Bellator for not stripping him until now. They should’ve stripped him of the title over a yr ago.


    Jason Floyd, I have one contention with you about you stating THERE WILL BE SOMEONE TO COME ALONG AND BE THE GREATEST MMA HEAVYWEIGHT FIGHTER OF ALL TIME. I never stated that there would not be, I never even implied that there will never be a heavyweight to come along and replace Fedor Emelianenko as the greatest MMA heavyweight fighter of all time. My statement is Fabricio Werdum is not the greatest MMA heavyweight fighter of all time. He may have been two wins away in your opinion and that is all good, but ifs, don’t count. Fact is, he did not get it done in his first title defense. Fabricio Werdum and others will all have their chances to be the greatest MMA heavyweight fighter of all time by doing one thing, KEEP WINNING.