Association of Boxing Commissions

With annual meeting approaching, Association of Boxing Commissions announces new voting procedure

The annual Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) meeting will take place in Las Vegas starting on July 30 and a change to the voting procedure that will be used during the annual meeting was announced today.

The change in the voting procedure was announced in a press release by Brian Dunn, 1st Vice President of the ABC and Director for the Nebraska State Athletic Commission.

“The previous voting system had developed some irregularities,” Dunn said in the press release. “It consisted of the voting member writing their vote on a random scrap of paper and being called to toss it in a box, with votes tallied later by the election committee. While no process is perfect, we have modeled the ABC election process after the method used for the most important election held in the USA: the presidential election process.”

Details on the new voting procedure are below:

  1. A unique ballot provided to each member one at a time by the Sargent at Arms.
  2. The member will then be allowed to write his vote on the ballot at something similar to a voting booth and will go directly from there.
  3. Where the member will then deposit the vote into a locked box. The votes will then be opened and counted by an election committee, which will consist of volunteers from among the membership.

Along with the voting procedure changes, this year’s annual ABC meeting is expected to be the largest meeting in the 28 year history of the organization and according to today’s press release, here are several of the key issues that will be discussed at the annual meeting.

  • Vote on official inclusion of MMA into the Association of Boxing Commissions.
  • Proposed federal bill expanding the Muhammad Ali Act to include MMA.
  • ABC By-law changes to create Standing Finance Committee and Finance Policies.
  • Proposals for and selection of boxing data base provider.
  • Potential MMA & Boxing Unified Rules Changes Boxing.
  • Admittance of internationally based Commissions to the ABC.

The complete agenda for the annual ABC conference is below.